As it draws to a close…

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday in comments [Daniel, Miss Marita, Kel, Rae, Miss Lizzy, Richard and Monid] and made me feel special via my blog! I love my blog a little bit more just for the fact that these birthday wishes came to me via it!

I also felt very special today via the greetings that came the old-fashioned way via snail mail birthday cards, especially the ones that my Mum & Dad and sister sent that will no doubt arrive tomorrow [she was sad to hear that they hadn’t arrived today!]. Many sms messages came my way, and extra thanks to Barb & Connie [and Mum, of course, when I was finally at home at the other end of the phone line] for also doing it kind of the old-fashioned way and calling me up.

Extra-extra thanks to Leanne and Lizzy for ensuring that my birthday night wasn’t all spent at home on the couch! I love you both lots for it! [And for my pink throw rug and my elephant poo photo frame, respectively!]

I am a 27 year old now.


~ by pincushiondiary on May 3, 2005.

2 Responses to “As it draws to a close…”

  1. My dear Miss Trish
    You’re quite a dish.


    And though you’re revvin’
    At twenty-seven
    You’ll be a fashion plate
    At twenty-eight.

    Golly. How’s that? R.H. Done it again.

    Happy birthday, Miss Pincushion. Happy pedalling.


  2. May I add a very belated but still heartfelt Happy Birthday as well. How’s the training going?

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