TGI Friday ramblings

I’m beginning to form a very annoying habit. That of upturning my freshly reheated microwave container full of tasty leftovers onto the floor of the kitchen/corridor. Bugger! Fortunately today, unlike last week, the container landed neatly and only a bit of lunch was spilled irretrievably onto the floor. Last week I had to fish a packet of two-minute noodles out of the secret stash or pantry in my office for the days when I have no money and no inclination to go to the ATM. I would have been sorely disappointed today had I not been left with enough lunch to satisfy; I was having leftover vegetarian mee goreng with thick rice noodles.

That reminds me of the other problem with my tasty mee goreng leftovers … I had been driving from Doncaster [where my chiropractor’s suites are located] to Camberwell [where I had to attend a planning meeting for a potential SU bike camp] and it would have been a waste of time to try to get home for dinner inbetween. So, I got it into my head, or my tastebuds got it into my head, that I wanted Noodle Box or equivalent for dinner. You know how when you don’t want something particular, you see it everywhere, however when you do then want that same thing at a later moment, you cannot come across it no matter how hard you try? Well, that was the case last night, as I drove past many other forms of takeaway before finally coming across a hybrid of the Noodle Box genre only 500 metres or so from my destination. I parked my car near enough to the house that the meeting was being held at, and comfortably ate my dinner while listening to the radio. The boxes that they serve up noodles in now are deceptively large, and I could of course only finish half of it. Without really thinking about the consequences, I closed the lid, put the box on the passenger seat, got out of my car and locked it, before going into the meeting for nigh on two hours.
When I returned …? I had a car that smelled like mee goreng!
This morning …? I still had a car that smelled like mee goreng!

As I was driving to work this morning, two things caught my attention on the radio…
Firstly, that Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes. I know Katie Holmes, but I don’t think that she is the same 26 year-old that 40-something Tom Cruise has just started boinking!
Secondly, they [Nova] had promotion linked to this weekend’s Logies ceremony where listeners could win a 68cm flat-screen TV just by answering a simple TV-related question. To be more precise by answering a medium level Neighbours-related question. I never ring up for these things, but this morning I wished I had, because it took until the third person to get the answer right and I knew it all along!
Q: What organization was Harold Bishop working for when he was found in Tasmania?
A: The Salvation Army.
It was one of those ‘driving along and shouting at the nuff-nuffs on the radio because I know better’ moments …

I have to ensure that when I walk to the car tonight I don’t go into autopilot. It is a graduation day today, and that means that the carpark that I usually park in was closed at 9:00am this morning to allow for the families and friends of the graduands to park their cars at the most convenient location. I have in the past tried desperately to remember that I have parked in carpark 6 instead of carpark 3, but have managed to walk nearly all the way from the DMB to carpark 3 before realizing. If you know the LTU campus, you’ll know that on a Friday evening it is very annoying to have to walk this unnecessarily.

I got given my second unnecessary thank you gift this afternoon … The first one was given to me a week ago, by a student who I had told I would bend the rules on essay submission for. It is something I do from time to time; essays have to be submitted by 4:30pm, but if a student is having computer trouble or transport issues, then I let them know that I will check the essay box before 9:00am the following morning and date stamp it as the previous day. This student came back at the end of the day and happened to catch me still in my office at 5:30pm, so was able to hand his essay directly to me. He also gave me a small block of Cadbury chocolate as a thank you. I tried to refuse, but there is only so many times that one can half-heartedly attempt to refuse a thank you gift of the chocolate variety! In contrast, today I had to let one of our tutors into their office, as they had locked themselves out (a common occurrence amongst both casual and permanent staff), and when the spare key was returned to me, it was on the stalk of a home-grown apple! Students who joke about bribing me are now told that the right brand of chocolate will get them a long way towards it looking like they haven’t submitted there essay as late as they actually have!

And on a final note …

Happy 22nd Birthday to my future sister-in-law, Carly!


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One Response to “TGI Friday ramblings”

  1. Bribery works well in learning institutions. My man is a teacher and his students all know he likes cherry ripes. A parent recently gave him a whole BOX of them as a thankyou for his “extra mile” service.

    “Driving along and shouting at the nuff-nuffs on the radio because I know better” wins the Xfacta award for my most favourite and relatable line from a blog this week!

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