Wednesday morning laughs

Two things have made me laugh this morning …

This blog post by WYSIWYG, and this picture that Stu e-mailed me this morning:

Pope benedict

Pope Benedict

See, I told you he wasn’t as friendly-looking as JPII! It’s the bacon that I don’t like …


~ by pincushiondiary on April 27, 2005.

10 Responses to “Wednesday morning laughs”

  1. *snicker* Awesome piccie.

  2. Hey Miss P. I put a comment on that dog’s blog and he deleted me.

    What’s a dog doing with a blog anyway? Bloody thing.

  3. Well they’re just like people, wanting praise all the time. And doing any sort of trick to get it.

  4. Oh R.H., am I going to have to write to WYSIWYG and apologise for your commenting?? You naughty commenter … you’re as bad as an un-toilet-trained doggie!

  5. Write to who you like, write to santa claus if you want. R.H. has every reason to be anti dog, he’s got three of them. The littlest one grabs the toilet roll off the holder and chews it up. He did it yesterday while I was on the throne and it was the only roll left, I had to chase him up the passage with my pants around my knees to get it back.
    Woof! And bow-wow. And please don’t pee on the furniture. Not while visitors are present. Bloody things.

  6. No human being can be as funny, or as loyal, as a dog. They’re the same every day, with you to the end.

  7. Dear Blogpersons, one should just ignore all this, ignore the humiliation of getting deleted by a dog. All the same, I have my pride. It isn’t much, but no one can say I have none at all! (Well, they have, but I’ve ignored them.)

    Here then, is my dirty rotten filthy lowdown comment – deleted by a dog:

    “Dear Miss Pincushion, I’m not a doggie, but would like to be your pet.”

    What’s wrong with that?


    Really, it’s jealousy. That’s all. Because when it comes to endearments R H is unbeatable. Everyone knows that.

  8. Sorry R.H., I’m not in the market for a pet right now.

    You know, I reckon that the reason you were deleted from a dog’s blog (or is it a bog’s dlog?) was just that you launched straight into your normal level of commenting before taking it easy with a few gentle introductory comments… See you started well with me, and look, I don’t [always] delete your comments. {That is not an invitation to be more cheeky or lewd either!)

    Perhaps it would be best to leave the dog blog comment deletion behind you and move on. I hear there are lots of kitty blogs out there …

  9. Okay, so I’m in the dog house. What’s new about that! And who cares?

    Dear Miss P. I could be cheeky, and I could be lewd, but if an invitation were ever given, I’d run for my life. You may be sure of that.

  10. Dog in a Manger,
    There’s nothing stranger.

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