I’m going through a phase of really enjoying jelly beans … I’m scoffing them down! I’ve eaten heaps in the past few days – a small packet bought at work on Thursday is now all gone, as is the packet that I bought for the trip to and from Warrnambool on the weekend is all gone too. All but 10 or so eaten by me …

I don’t like the black ones, my favourites are the red ones and the purple ones, and I like the brand that you get at the pharmacy better than Allens …


~ by pincushiondiary on April 26, 2005.

2 Responses to “Jelly-Belly”

  1. You no like the balck ones? I lurve the black ones!!! I’m a bit of a liquorice-a-holic actually…

    Having moved to a new office and desk all to myself, I have a little plate of lollies on my desk. Last week was minties and there’s still a couple left. I went for a wander with a friend yesterday and she said to get kool mints instead (yunno, the little minty balls) but I had to admit that having wrapped lollies deterred me from eating too many!! 🙂 I think I’ve too much of a sweet tooth… I couldn’t trust me with jelly beans!!

  2. Strangely, as with my like of banana cake but hate of bananas, I love licorice but don’t like black jelly beans. I think there is a psychological barrier there though rather than a definite dislike of the black beans …?
    I don’t let myself have a lolly jar at work … I’d just scoff them. I have lollies at home from time to time, but have such a sweet tooth that they don’t last long!

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