Benedict XVI

I was slightly disappointed this morning on the way to work to learn that the new Pope had been elected. I don’t really know why, but I think I had hoped that the Cardinals would be secretly voting away for at least a week. I wanted more news footage of people in St Peter’s Square cheering for a moment before realising that there was black smoke coming out of the chimney, not white.

I suppose if it had’ve gone on for too long people would’ve started to think that the Catholic church had no direction because it couldn’t even choose a leader … So they’ve chosen Ratzinger. Here was I, just the other day, explaining/repeating to my housemate that they say that you go into Conclave as the favourite and come out still a Cardinal, but that has not been the case on this occassion. His brief membership of the Hitler Youth movement and wartime service with a German army anti-aircraft unit didn’t dampen his prospects in the end.

It sounds like Pope Benedict XVI will be a very conservative and orthodox leader of the Catholic church. According to him, the other Christian churches are deficient. I wonder what he would say about the experimental faith community that I call my ‘church’?

I suppose with Ratzinger … whoops, Pope Benedict XVI now … being 78 years old, it might not be all that long before we go through this whole process again. I suppose it is fairly probable to say that he will be in this position for less time than his predecessor. In a time when we stay in jobs for far less time than our parents and grandparents ever did, maybe it is a good move for the papacy to be having a more frequent turnover too, in order to inject new ideas and fresh faces into the role? Speaking of faces, Pope Benedict XVI isn’t nearly as friendly-looking as John Paul II was …


~ by pincushiondiary on April 20, 2005.

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