In other mumblings …

Another dream that I had recently, was that we stumbled across a hidden bathroom and toilet in our house! It was luxurious and was filled with lots of lovely shower gels and shampoos. There was also lots of beautiful jewellery in there, which Leanne and I quickly decided we could add to the jewellery which she is making and selling for our fundraising. Ever the opportunists at the moment! I think it slightly amusing that it took us nearly 15 months to find this second bathroom … I haven’t been reading any novels lately that have storylines with secret passages, and I haven’t found myself forming a queue for the bathroom or loo … Maybe it is just a subconscious desire for an ensuite of my own?

I was wandering back to my car at the end of the day last week, and was waiting to cross the road when I noticed something tied to the top of the approaching car. When it got a little closer, I realised that there was a blow-up pool toy shark tied to the top of this car full of students. I smiled, they smiled back. Maybe the conversation in the car for the rest of that trip was all about the reactions of those pedestrians passed along the way.

I was having lunch with a friend/colleague at work a week or so ago. It was a lovely sunny day and we were sitting by the moat chatting about various things. There was a moment when the wind picked up a bit and we both looked up towards the trees at the very same time as a spiral of Autumn leaves swept towards us. Sunshine sparkling through the branches of the trees as leaves blew towards us, around us and through us. It was one of those moments where you wish you could take a video of your brain and show it to the people that you know … A surreal, Amercian Beauty floating newspaper moment, that will forever stay in the memories of those who experienced it.

When do you know that it has been too long since you’ve raked the leaves up? When a strand of ivy has grown up and around the length of the handle.


~ by pincushiondiary on April 17, 2005.

2 Responses to “In other mumblings …”

  1. love your autumn leaf moment Trish – it conjured up lovely images.
    I had one this week too when my dog and I found a huge pile of leaves along the footpath
    we scruffled through them with great delight
    puppy dog even got some leaves hooked onto his toenails – seems he’s due for a date with the nail clipper.

    the ivy on the rake handle made me laugh!
    whose been in my shed?

  2. We left the strand of ivy on the rake handle because it is so amusing! That reminds me … Leanne wasn’t home when it happened. Must show her …

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