Habitual rubbings

Isn’t it odd when you realise a habit, a tick, that you have?
I realised this morning as I was driving to work that I had taken off my ring [special to me, but not because it was given to me by anyone or anything like that, just a ring with a swirl on it, that I like very much] when applying my makeup this morning. No great distress there, as I instantly knew where I will find it when I get home this evening. No, the realisation has come this morning as I have been sitting at my computer and using the mouse. I wear my ring on the ring finger of my right hand, which is the same hand that I use the mouse with. I’ve realised that as I am using the mouse and waiting for a webpage/program/file to load, I rub the underside of my ring finger and the band of the ring with my thumb. Today it feels odd because there is no ring there. Isn’t that an odd tick? I know that my dear friend Nate has some odd ticks that he has admitted to before, like stroking his now gone goatee, but I’m wondering who else realises that they frequently and unconsciously do odd things like this?

~ by pincushiondiary on April 13, 2005.

One Response to “Habitual rubbings”

  1. Greetings (once more) Miss Pincushion!

    My father-in-law (old bastard!) had an interesting tick. When pondering something he’d rub a hand backwards across his great shining dome – a token from the days when he used to smooth down his hair to assist thought. Maybe that’s what sent him bald. All that activity – for nil result.

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