Dreams of a new baby, but not for me

Do I have time to write all the things I want to today, plus all the things I wanted to write last week? Let’s hope so … Will take mouthfuls of lunch in between typing.

Two of my readers will be either touched or petrified by this one [FYI, am using their blog pseudonyms]:

Over a week ago, I awoke from that lovely early-morning-with-the-knowledge-one-can-sleep-in-dream-state [!] with an amazing feeling and a very clear memory of my dream …
I was visiting Nate and Ruah and the little man. Early on in the dream, I was sitting on the couches [the most comfy couches on the planet!] chatting to Nate about life, the universe, and other stuff of less significance, and waiting for Ruah & B to return. A scene not so extraordinary, as often on weekend afternoons when I do visit, R & B are out running errands, or at sporting activities or birthday parties, and return home soon enough with yummy things [those gourmet cheese twists have now been renamed ‘Trish Sticks’ because they always have a pack in the cupboard for when I come and visit] for munchies and coffee … When R & B did return home, it was with Grandma Shirley, Big Michael and others (faceless, unknown members of R’s family, or friends of Nate & Ruah who I don’t know), and a new-born baby. A baby girl. My memory of the dream from here is that it then developed a slow and surreal timing, and everything was seen in much more detail and with greater significance. R handed the new-born baby to Nate on the couch. Nate held her and looked at his beautiful, new baby girl and then looked up at the rest of us. I have never before been struck by someone having a look of such delight and ecstasy than I was at that moment in my dream. I think I probably smiled in my sleep. Sounds drifted and shadows moved about the room, which was exactly as it is in real life. Then little B, now the important big brother to a little sister, rested his head on his Dad’s shoulder and told his little sister how much he loved her and how much he was going to take care of her and teach her. Maybe a tear rolled down my cheek as I slept through this part of the dream? Just the memory of it puts me in a much more emotional state of mind … The memories of the dream fade after this, and I’m sure that I had a moment of cradling the beautiful new girl in my arms and looking upon her with delight too, but it would have been nowhere near the delight with which her Dad and her Mum and her brother looked upon her with.

I can only hope that the people who I know who are about to have new additions to their families [Theo & Kel, Clint & Jo, Rae & Tony, and Kathy & Gary] have moments that come close to and go further than this one that I dreamed of. Within weeks there will be new additions to some of these families, and their lives will change in wonderful and drastic ways. I hope that the delight and ecstasy will carry on forever in the lives of the new little ones and their Mums and Dads and big sisters (no big brothers in any of these cases, only in the dream) …

That’s enough for now … Will write more posts on the other things that have moved me in the past few weeks later on today or tomorrow …


~ by pincushiondiary on April 11, 2005.

2 Responses to “Dreams of a new baby, but not for me”

  1. Well done, Miss Pincushion! You are perseverant or you are nothing. And what an interesting dream! I am touched and I am petrified. Carry on.

  2. Strangely enough, some months back I dreamed of a friend, currently with one delightful young girl, having two more babies. When I told her of the dream, she said one more maybe, but two? “That’s just nasty” were her words.

    She and her husband visited on the weekend. She’s 13 weeks gone with twins. 😛

    As a result there have been some future / baby / home affordability discussions over the weekend, so what *have* you been channelling Trish?

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