Cleaning the bloody fridge … twice!

I’m back at work today after taking a sickie yesterday. I wasn’t super-sick, just woke up tired and with a headache after a bad night’s sleep, but just didn’t feel up to working yesterday. A case of Mondayitis, you could say. Instead I slept in, sat on the couch and watched Huey cook a tasty looking espresso chocolate cake, caught up on the mountain of filing and piffing of papers etc., and watched a couple of old episodes of Will & Grace from my treasured DVDs of the first two seasons. Have caught up on email and now it is lunchtime and therefore time to blog …

We had a small house re-warming on Saturday night, to mark the event of a new housemate in Jim, and also to have another social event and use our new BBQ (courtesy of our landlord, who, as it turns out, didn’t cut corners with this maintenance to the property). I was originally going to spend the day at the footy with family friends, who were going to let me sit in one of their Western Bulldogs members’ seats (because I’m a Melbourne fan and they were playing), but I decided I would just be trying to squash too much into a day to think that I could prepare for a party, albeit a small one, and take what could be the last swim in our pool for the Summer and see my team win … So I stayed at home, listened to the last of the match on the radio, and used the party as a catalyst for a cleaning and tidying frenzy.

One such element of the cleaning frenzy was to clean out the second fridge that we have. I have a small fridge and separate freezer, while my housemate Leanne has a family-sized fridge/freezer. For the past year we have spread our food and drinks between the two; the smaller generally containing condiments and beer. Spurred on by the changeover of housemates and the opportunity for change, we switched off the smaller fridge and defrosted the smaller freezer, put some bi-carb soda inside and propped open the doors. The fridge however had a large splash of something inside it, and I had been meaning to clean it for a few weeks. Turning the fridge back on to serve as the equivalent to an esky full of ice at our house re-warming was a good reason to finally clean the fridge. What I discovered, was that what looked like a fairly simple to clean splash of some kind of brown liquid, actually turned into the mammoth cleaning of semi-solid chocolate topping [?] from the bottom of the fridge under the veggie crisper, where it had all accumulated however many weeks or months beforehand. Ick. So, all the shelves got pulled out and Mr Muscle in hand, I attacked the brown goo. I felt pleased when the task was complete and the fridge was clean. However, you can imagine then my annoyance later in the night, when I found what looked like an unopened bottle of beer, but was infact a bottle of beer with the cap slightly loosened, laying down on its side in the door of the fridge … and the pool of beer in the bottom of the fridge under the veggie crisper. Aaargh!! I had to clean the fridge twice in one day, and then it still smelled of beer the next morning. It even took me drinking two glasses of slightly beer tasting water to realize that the beer had dribbled over the water jug on its path to under the veggie crisper. Aaargh again!

Now, I’ve not read anyone else’s blog yet today, but I imagine that I am not the only person who has read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons to comment about watching the death of Pope John Paul II, and the upcoming election of the new Pope through the centuries old traditions of conclave, with the ominous events of Brown’s novel in mind …? I wonder if our Cardinal George Pell purchased a copy of Brown’s book in the newsagent at Tullamarine as he boarded his flight for Rome?


~ by pincushiondiary on April 5, 2005.

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