fool fool fool foooooool

Pretty cool word when you say it over and over. Then it starts to sound like you are just saying “full” over and over. And then people just start to look at you funny if you continue for much longer. Right then. Happy April Fool’s [or Fools’] Day. Hope you didn’t get pranked. I’ve not heard of or come across any. I think people forgot.

~ by pincushiondiary on April 1, 2005.

6 Responses to “fool fool fool foooooool”

  1. Greetings Miss Pincushion. R.H. here. Yes, and although he’s trying hard to finish his career as a blog reply person he got trapped into commenting on this. (Silly him.)

    Anyway, an old Aussie rock group called Ray Brown and the Whispers had a hit called: Fool Fool Fool. It’s about some poor stooge telling the story of how his rotten girl friend demanded expensive gifts from him: “If you love me go get a diamond ring.” That’s what she says. And so he pulls a bank job, gets caught, and lands in the clink.

    “And every night after the lights go out,
    The prisoners all begin to sing and shout:
    Fool fool fool ….
    ‘Cause she hurt my pride,
    Fool fool fool,
    I loved her so, I couldn’t refuse her,
    I didn’t want to lose her….”

    I think it’s enormously funny.

    I’m not sure why.

  2. My dear R.H.,

    Please don’t finish your career as a blog reply person! If it takes up that much of your time, simply downsize the number of blogs you comment on. But do please stay as a regular visitor to mine …

    Thank you for your comment too … I’ve never heard of the band (maybe you’re showing your age), but am always glad to hear what thoughts my mutterings prompt in the minds of others.

    Miss Pincushion.

  3. Dear Miss Trish, I’m floored by your sweet nature. As always. But unfortunately my career as a blog reply person has caused some slight outrage in this key tapping community. Yet I’m not a pimp, and I’m not a brothel owner; I’m not even a pornographer. But if I were all three, and a Star Wars fan as well, I’d be much loved. That’s the paradox, the joke of modern life. But it won’t last, nothing can last where there’s too many divas and not enough audience.

    There’s very few blogs I reply to now. One belongs to a pregnant lady: Miss Zucchini in Bikini. Another is run by a woman who features photos of herself taken thirty years ago: a sort of female Dorian Gray. But never mind, she was stunningly beautiful back then, and has every right to recall it. I’ve also been having a chat with Mr Kim Beazely, leader of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition. We’ve become quite good friends. Real old pals. And in no time at all. I’m sure if he ever gets elected there’ll be a place for me in the public service. In which case, you may expect quite a few sackings – a lot of bloggers out of work. And I don’t mean maybe! The dirty dogs!

  4. It’s shameful and true … bloggers often blog while at work. And it’s not just those in the public sector. No surprises there. Surely though, if successful in your career goals, you might have a soft spot for one or two and not sack them, but simply downgrade them to a harsh and menial task with no computer or internet access? Although, even mop in hand they could still find ways to be unproductive …
    As for the Zucchini in Bikini, I know her. In fact, she and I share a number of friends and have met on more than one occasion. We both worked for the same small company, though not at the same time. She had moved on a few years before I began employment there. So there you go …

    P.S. Say “Hi” to Kimmy for me!

  5. All public servants are bloggers, all bloggers are public servants. Bureaucrats, that’s what they are.
    I’ve got a list, but you’re safe. Miss Zucchini is safe. But many are not.
    They will get what they deserve. Unemployment is what they deserve. See how they like that!
    Yes, well, it’ll give them something to say. Something to blog about. Finally.

  6. Disregard all that.

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