Further adventures of my special little nuff-nuff

He’s nearly two years-old, but decided to begin the “Terrible Twos” much earlier …

Xavier has decided that the easiest thing to do when one has a dirty nappy is to pull it off. He did this last night in the middle of the kitchen, while his Mum and I were standing there chatting. A quick glance at said dirty nappy by his Mum revealed that he had done a number twos, and quick hands were in order to prevent it being smeared all over the floor/carpet/couch/house. X’s Mum quickly grabbed his hands so that he couldn’t touch his bottom, and Aunty Trish dashed off to get the wipes. Dad arrived on the scene and grabbed X’s feet so that he couldn’t squirm away. This resulted in X being lifted into the air, face down, about a metre off the floor and Aunty Trish saving the day or the carpet with a quick wipe of the smelly bottom with the baby wipes. It was a very funny sight to behold!

A new TV has arrived after X gave the old one a heart attack from pressing the buttons so often, and the very large box has become the newest toy. The huge cubby house is also very fun to climb on top of and jump on! Especially when we’re hyped-up and Aunty Trish has come to visit and she hasn’t seen the latest tricks (like skipping too, the other new trick). So, X decides that the best thing to do is to climb on the box and jump up and down and make loud yelling noises (because it echos) and then sit down and smile sweetly and cover his mouth cheekily to pretend to be quiet. It is really hard to tell a child firmly to sit down when they are just so darn cute and make you smile and laugh so much!

It all made me realise that I just don’t see them often enough, life is too busy sometimes, and Hoppers Crossing is just too far away ( … I know you’re reading this B!)


~ by pincushiondiary on March 31, 2005.

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