Catch-up Post

Well, after working hard all morning to be sure that all the things that waited to be done are now done this morning, I can do a bit of catching up on my blog reading and writing before heading to lunch. I figure I deserve a bit of a break right this moment, and it wouldn’t really be all that productive to start something in the next 20 minutes anyway, so tapping away at the keyboard seems to me to be the thing to do right now (and I still look busy anyway!).

Spent the Easter weekend in the ‘bool with family. Went home on Good Friday after spending the morning doing various necessary things: tidy bedroom, wash dishes, vacuum pool, have coffee and pancakes with housemates, and pack the car. I almost thought it might be Easter Saturday before I actually left the house and started driving, but I made it home just in time for the traditional fish for dinner on Good Friday. This is the first year that my Mum hasn’t said “Thank goodness I don’t work at the fish shop anymore”, as we prepared dinner (she used to work in a local fish and chip shop, as did I as a teenager, and Good Friday is always their busiest day thanks to lapsed Catholics making sure that they don’t eat red meat on this day, etc.)

My brother and his fiance came over on Saturday evening for dinner, and we had an early swapping of Easter eggs. My little sister is currently on a no-sugar diet to try to stop the frequency of migraines, so easter eggs were smaller for all the family this year. I just gave her some cash to put towards a Gameboy game she is saving up for to spare her the frustration of having to ration out her chocolate easter egg intake from now until Christmas.

The remainder of the weekend included: a trip to the local Sunday market to buy beads; visits with Grandma, my Mum’s sister Margaret, and cousin Kylie & her husband, Uncle Steven & Sherene, Aunty Cheryl & Robert; lunch at a local cafe (who have already donated a voucher to be used for my next fundraising activity); a failed chiropractor appointment (I had to leave to go to …); an appointment with the dressmaker for the end-of-year wedding… Lots of time spent playing with beads (end result of two pairs of earrings for myself), watching DVDs (50 First Dates – fantastic – and The Terminal and Raising Helen – both seen before by me but not by Mum and Trevor – and The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – for old time’s sake), reading the local paper (not much time used up there!) and playing word games on the computer … All in all a delightful weekend that was capped off by a visit and dinner with B, J&X in Hoppers Crossing on the way home. Funny story about something the little X-man did later in the day …


~ by pincushiondiary on March 31, 2005.

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