Happy Easter Bunnies to you!

What with the ADSL not up and running at home again yet (and me not using L’s computer for such, and therefore not having to pay a share of usage at home, when I get it at work for free and have the kind of job where I can find a few minutes to blog easily or hang back in my office late at the end of the day) I thought I’d best write a snippet before heading home to the ‘bool for the Easter long-weekend … Hmmm …

Saw a dead mouse lying by the bus stop as I walked to my car last night. Hope it isn’t still there. Probably isn’t, as some larger animal has probably found it and eaten it by now …

Have practically finished the task that has been causing me great stress at work for the past two or more weeks. Have put in something like 75 entries (a large number in the scheme of this task overall) and have only one or two to clarify on Thursday next week when I return to work, which aren’t super-important-in-funding-based-categories ones, so s’okay. The deadline for people in other departments is Wednesday, but I asked for an extra day due to going to the ‘bool and all, and was told that family is more important than getting it done by Wednesday and I won’t be locked out of the database like all others come Wednesday. Nice. Breathing easier and feeling happy that I have accomplished what I had set my mind to before the Easter break. I’ve even straightened-up my desk a little post-chaos.

Am off to the opening of an Easter art exhibition tonight. It is a collaborative exhibition of a network of artists that is birthed out of my church community, Solace. I have a piece in it. I refrain from calling it an artwork; it is a piece of stuff. While it is not something that I would put on my wall to look at, it suitably illustrates the point that I was trying to make around the station that I had been issued/chosen. May say more later, may not. If someone takes a digital photo of it, I may post it. Otherwise, you’ll just have to remain in wonder about it …


~ by pincushiondiary on March 24, 2005.

One Response to “Happy Easter Bunnies to you!”

  1. Trish, it was great to meet you on Thursday night at the art expo. As a word person I appreciated your contribution and interpretation of station 4.

    I started taking some photos of the various pieces, but so enjoyed chatting with you that I forgot to continue the photo collection before heading home. So I didn’t get one of your word art. I guess Stu or his appointed photographer will supply the goods for an online gallery after the event.


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