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Amongst many other things, being in the audience of a TV show has been on my list of things to do in life … After [finally] actually responding to one of the “If you would like to be in the audience of …” ads on TV, we went to see the taping of some of the skits for the show Comedy Inc last night. We were there to be the laughter; sometimes spontaneous, sometimes not.

It was quite an enjoyable way to spend a Monday night. Sometimes jokes were based on humour more offensive than the clean, simple type that I like, but overall it was not too bad for a freebie. We watched the live taping of skits based on The X-Factor, various awards ceremonies and supermarket shopping. We also watched pre-recorded skits that had been filmed on location and which required a laugh track. In between takes we were entertained by the rather unique Brian Nankervis, a.k.a. Raymond J Bartholomew.

There are a few skits that will be going to air where the main focus of my attention will be listening for my laugh, rather than the joke or the skit itself. For the very last skit filmed for the night, be it from my sense of humour or just tiredness, I was the first and last to be laughing, so I’ll be paying attention to any of the supermarket scenes when the show does finally air. It was difficult to laugh for the second, and sometimes third, time when the actors stuffed-up their lines or the producers decided that it wasn’t the best that they could do, but the good jokes did make you laugh once more. A couple of the funniest times during the evening were the unrehearsed interactions of the show’s stars with the audience. Ben Oxenbould backing away from the audience so that a male wolf-whistler couldn’t check out his butt was classically funny and milked to perfection.

Oddest part about it all was one of the audience members … You know how some people just aren’t so good with social interactions? It might be because they are a bit of a reclusive nerd, or because they have had a rather unique childhood foisted on to them by equally weird parents …? Well, if you were to sneeze violently and often during the breaks, and the stand-up comic who was entertaining the crowd turned their attention to you because of it, what would you do? How would you respond? Would you say in the dry and pitiful voice of a perpetual victim, “Someone must be wearing lavender. I’m allergic to lavender.”? Would you then later reply to a question of what you were doing on the weekend with something about marshalling a motorbike event [less odd, I grant you]? Would you ask the emcee a daft knock-knock joke […can’t even remember it, it was so dull and dry] after he has been asking other audience members less-daft knock-knock jokes [‘Knock-knock.’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Ineedtodoap’ …]?
It is hard to explain my impressions of this woman, but I have come across people a bit like this before. The attention-seeking victim in the public place (the comic public place, on this occassion) who hasn’t the faintest idea that their responses to situations are a bit off-centre and the people around them are pulling odd faces at each other and hoping that conversation will move on to other people and other topics rather quickly. Raymond J wasn’t even sure what to say or how to politely ignore at times …

Anyway, now that I sound like a complete bitch, I’m going to shut-up and go home…


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  1. We used to go and see “all together now” with Jon English being taped quite often, and every now and then there would be someone similar in the audience. The warm up bloke for that show was usually Michael.. I’ve forgotten his surname, and he sometimes did the fish out of water thing when an odd one would turn up.

    Going to a live taping is good fun. Nice and cheap too! Like you, I did find it hard to laugh that third or fourth time though…

  2. It was Michael Pope.

  3. Years ago we went to see Greatest Commercials with one of the Daddo’s (can’t remember which one), and Cain, the Wonderdog.
    Mr. Daddo stuffed up more than Cain, and all the retakes were very entertaining.
    Those lame one liners that they have Host read during Funniest Home Videos and Greatest Commercials:- even the host feels like an idiot. They even had “Nyeah” signs instead of “Laugh” signs so the Humour Deficient in the audience would know not to laugh at the lame jokes.
    Cain was really an amazing Dog. May he Rest In Peace.

  4. They had to learn not to necessarily rely on the applause sign with our crowd, especially when taping the skits based on awards ceremonies and we were a bit slow to applaud when God won an award and dashed up on to stage! Fortunately, God (the actor playing God that is) stuffed up a line or two when thanking Himself for getting Him as far as He had helped Him to get, and we were told to clap as soon as His name was read for the second take.

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