Trish the pool girl fails miserably

In retrospect, it seems that yesterday was doomed to be a bad day before I even knew about it …

Work was icky and stressful. I was hot and bothered by the end of the day because the temperature is so all over the place in the one day at the moment and I had on clothes that were too warm by the end of the day. And I had a fight with the pool filter because it decided not to cooperate with me (yes … I kicked it … but not on a bit where it would cause any damage). Bloody pool filter … bloody, bloody. [Nuff-nuff tangent: I keep typing ‘bloddy’ instead of ‘bloody’ and having to backspace to correct it, every time I type the word.]

I was trying to do the responsible, conscientious thing. I was trying to do the necessary thing. The pool had loads of leaves sitting on the bottom. The filter hadn’t been washed out since the pool guys had been a week or two ago. The chlorine and pH levels needed to be checked. So, I pulled out the filter and washed it; I opened up the bit where the long, narrow catcher basket is and emptied it (it was veeeerry full of leaves and crap); I emptied the skimmer basket and put a new skimmer sock on it (my, that sounds a bit odd as an isolated comment, doesn’t it?) and then hooked up the vacuum and tried to vacuum up the leaves. It was at this point the filter decided that it would cease to have any water flow or suction. It was also at this point that the day decided that it was definitely time to turn to night. Add to this the fact that our hose nozzle is stupid and doesn’t save water in any way, and you have me running back and forwards with a kink in the hose and a torch in hand. Then, the bloody [bloddy] batteries in the torch decide to go flat. I think I threw something.
I switched the filter from ‘auto’ to ‘off’, and went inside with the resolve to fix it tonight when I get home (while it is still daylight) or e-mail my old housemate who knows all about such things, and ask him to spare 15 minutes to drop around and tell me what I am doing wrong.

How to remedy the situation? Do ‘Home pool maintenence 101’ with Jason again, and get a trigger nozzle hose fitting this weekend.


~ by pincushiondiary on March 18, 2005.

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