Can’t think … brain hurts …

Oh. my. goodness.
Long meeting. Very looooong meeting…

End story? We’re broke. We have no money for casual tutors, and we have to use special funds that were not envisioned for that purpose. Nasty end story? This is pissing people off, no end. T’was an interesting meeting to sit in on, as I often feel like I don’t necessarily understand the origins of the attitudes that I sometimes bear the brunt of with regard to the bureaucratic red-tape and bull-shit that goes on within this educational institution.

I’m trying not to let the whole thing sour my perception of the place, and trying not to let it make me like my job any less. I suppose overall it has made me more determined to lighten the bureaucratic load of our academic staff somehow, even if it means signing ‘Mickey Mouse’ on their behalf when the paper-shuffling all becomes too much and detracts from the quality of their teaching and research.

Add to this the fact that I have to finish a fairly major task, which is an avenue for funding, by Easter, and you end up with a Trishy whose brain hurts and works much more slowly. Basic requests are met with a pause and moment of clarification within my mind before an answer or response is attempted this afternoon. Please … bring on the end of the day, end of the week even, sooner and quicker so that I can rest and let my mind take the time to enjoy thoughts for a few hours …


~ by pincushiondiary on March 17, 2005.

2 Responses to “Can’t think … brain hurts …”

  1. Wow, that sounds a huge task. Good luck in getting the funding!

  2. S’okay … it’s Friday now and it will hopefully be reasonably quiet with regard to interuptions from students, so I can hopefully get loads done! Its the ‘Higher Education Research Data Collection’ which records all published research in DEST and non-DEST categories. The DEST ones are the important ones, as they are the ones that draw in more funding.

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