“Camp Mooroolbark” does Rye

Let me just say, “I love the Labour Day long weekend!”
Even though it is not a University holiday (I took a flexi-day), I still love Labour Day… Why?

Because for the past two Labour Day long weekends, I have enjoyed what has come to be known as “Camp Mooroolbark” amongst the friends who participate in it.

It isn’t fancy, it isn’t stressful, and it doesn’t involve team sports of any kind… This year, “Camp Mooroolbark” did Rye. A&G in their car, and L and I in my little Corolla, we drove down to the Peninsula on Saturday morning, meeting up at the borrowed holiday house in Rye by lunch time. We spent the next two days exclusively enjoying each other’s company; because life keeps getting busier and busier, and we sadly get to spend less and less quality time with each other. We saw the sand sculptures on the Rye foreshore (Disney themed and quite amazing really – will put up a picture if L can email one to me); spent the morning at the Mornington market; swam in the cool, calm waters at Dromana; ate cheese & crackers and fish & chips on the sand near the Rye pier, whilst sipping a delightful ’98 Tahbilk shiraz; played games of Boggle, Take-2 (hybrid game using Scrabble tiles) and Up & Down the River; slept-in; and, swam at the cooler and calmer waters of Blairgowrie, before cleaning up and heading home.

It was a weekend where thoughts of work remained at work, and thoughts of life, love and happiness were the main items on the agenda. It is an honour to have friends like Ally & Gav and Liz. They are of the highest quality, let me tell you! I can always be myself with them, I always feel loved and cared for when around them, and I always have barrels and buckets full of fun when they are around! It takes a brave man to go away for the weekend with his wife’s two best buds, but then again, it takes a brave woman to go away with two of her husband’s best female buds! We do pity any men who join this group as partners of either L or I, as we have such a long history and so many in jokes …

Forever more will we refer to the 1 cent profit I made on the carrot (I still claim it was a finder’s fee), that bikini and wearer at Dromana beach, and the delights of Gav & Liz as they lapse into their comic skit routines for the amusement of themselves (oh, alright … and Ally & I too!).

Bring on Labour Day next year, when “Camp Mooroolbark” does Rye again or somewhere else …

[Oh … it is called “Camp Mooroolbark” because the first year we decided to spend the weekend together we forgot to book a campsite or equivalent early enough, and ended up using A&G’s home in Mooroolbark as our base. Voila, “Camp Mooroolbark” was born!]


~ by pincushiondiary on March 15, 2005.

4 Responses to ““Camp Mooroolbark” does Rye”

  1. I’ve always considered the Peninsula at it’s best in Autumn.
    In Summer you have the annoying Teeni-boppers and Try-hard Schoolies, in Winter it’s wet and miserable, and in Spring it’s too touristy.
    You should have checked out some of the Wineries. The Hills of the Peninsula are much nicer than the Beaches in Autumn, and on Weekends you don’t have Psychotic Delivery Drivers (like me 😉 trying to run the Damn Terrourists off the road.

  2. The Peninsula wineries are some of the best, and I have visited some before ( … Mmmmm … Main Ridge Estate merlot … can’t remember what year, but yummmm!). We simply ran out of time! We probably could have spent less time at the beach and market, and skipped the sleep-in, but we instead resolved to do the wineries another time!

  3. ahhh the smell of the fresh sea air, the faint cries of children’s laughter.. ahhh miss trish you have described it so enchantingly i feel like I was there.. Ahahah i was!!!! and nurrrrhhh nurrrhhh to those who missed it ( that is the most mature response i can manage 😛
    Already seems like a lifetime ago. Sigh..!!!!

  4. Let me join Miss Lizzy in her taunts towards those who were not there … nyanya-na-nya-nya!
    We had a lovely weekend at Rye and you didn’t! (Ooo, oh so mature I am too!)

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