Well, it might not currently look very exciting (though, honestly it is a little more colourful than what you eyes currently behold!), but Tony the star has created a new blog just for me and Leanne and our fundraising/bike riding escapades!
This means that this blog will no longer be the resting place for posts about the tally of my/our fundraising efforts. This is a good thing! Lists of numbers time and time again might be the surest way to decrease my reading audience otherwise … Not to say that that is all the new blog will be! No, while it will certainly be a place to share how the fundraising total is growing, it will also be a place to share our thoughts and experiences on fundraising as a task, and also to promote and recap events etc. When we are in Sri Lanka, we may also try to blog a few experiences or load a few photos to share with our friends back home. So, blogroll or blogline the new site (maybe once it is fleshed out a bit more) and stay tuned to hear more about the adventure!


~ by pincushiondiary on March 11, 2005.

2 Responses to “Follow-through!”

  1. The Japanese invaded Singapore on bicycles, chased out the British. Maybe you can do the same in Sri Lanka, conquer the Tamil Tigers. Who knows?

  2. I’ll squirt ’em with my water bottle! That should be effective!

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