To start the day …

Today began with a chat about ‘Becks’. No, not the beer as I first thought, but a pick-me-up utilised predominantly by working women in the 40s and 50s, apparently. This then turned to discussion about how on ‘Desparate Housewives’ on Monday night, the mothers of children with ADHD could utilise the reverse effects of the drugs themselves and be turned into mutant Energiser bunnies … then chatting about ‘Lost’, which I don’t watch, but a couple of my colleagues do, one of which is further ahead because her husband is a TV reviewer for The Age … which led me to mention the review that I had read that C’s husband had written about the ABC or SBS show about the parasites that live in the human body, mostly those transmitted in African countries … at which point, another colleague entered the room and wholeheartedly joined in the conversation.
Note to self: don’t get into a discussion about parasitic organisms with an academic who teaches a course called ‘Pox, Plagues & Pestilence’ and who lists under his research interests and skills ‘… tropical agriculture, historical epidemiology and disease studies …’ Talking about elephantitis is not a particularly charming way to start the day.


~ by pincushiondiary on March 9, 2005.

5 Responses to “To start the day …”

  1. Oooh, I watched some of that parasites show but had to keep turning back to other, less confronting, programming when things got too icky. It was strangely interesting though.

  2. BEX!!! I remember that stuff, little yellow cardboard box with a packet of powder in it. Small box but used to go waaay out of code before being half used. Wow – flashback! :o)

  3. Are you showing your age, R? 😛
    Your description exactly matches the description that I received this morning. My colleague also mentioned ‘something-or-other APC’ as a similar product…? The A stood for asprin and the C for caffeine, and I can’t remember the rest…

  4. I saw a bit of that parasite program too. I can’t believe that guy ate some eggs and produced a tapeworm that long! Was it 7 feet or something? Eww! Just the look of it made me gag. Like Marita, I had to keep turning away.

  5. LOL I remember my mum buying Bex when I was little and I didn’t understand what it was. When I was about fifteen, I cleaned out the top shelf of medicines, throwing out everything which did not appear to have been used in the last few months. There was an old box of Bex up there, in an antique little yellow box, about twice the size of a matchbox, with large font blue writing on the side. Reading the box, I got the impression it was aspirin which you measured out by teaspoon and dissolved in water, something like Disprin in powder form. I didn’t know it was used as a pick-me-up.

    I’ve no idea on APC though. But if you threw in some guarana and Vitamin B, you could market it as a hangover cure 😉

    I meant to watch the parasites and missed it. Bah!

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