Weekend recap

Friday night – had a visit from my Godson and his family, including his Poppa and Da and Aunty Emma. (Poppa was here this weekend to make use of some very expensive corporate VIP Grand Prix tickets and take his son-in-law to the GP.) Also later had a visit from my old housemate, who has just returned from a trip overseas, and who had to collect some mail and sign a bond transfer form …
Saturday – went for my first official training ride! 11kms in the rain and up a hill that I normally can’t manage. Would have been inclined to ride further had it not been raining … Thanks for the company Liz & Dunk!
Saturday night – went to see ‘The Aviator’ with housemate. Long, but good. Interesting look at parts of the life of Howard Hughes. I was suitably impressed with acting of DiCraprio and “Our Cate”. The Katherine Hepburn accent coming from Cate Blanchett was a little annoying at times though, but then again, Katherine Hepburn’s voice was annoying at times (flashbacks to watching ‘On Golden Pond in year seven English … groan).
Sunday – Went and bought some Easter eggs to put together into my first official fundraising venture – an Easter basket fundraising raffle … (Tally to date is $3 of tickets sold. Have got it sitting on my desk hoping that students will buy it, but they really haven’t seemed to acknowledge it yet.) Spent the afternoon visiting the T.A.S. coffee lounge, aka Toby & Frances’s house.
Sunday night – rested my head on the side of the couch post-dinner and dishes, and wished that the weekend wouldn’t end … It didn’t seem to work.


~ by pincushiondiary on March 7, 2005.

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