Regular coffee …

Just because I felt like it this morning, and because I had to go to the ATM to get some cash anyway, I got a real coffee. Ahhhh, breathe in that aroma! It’s the second time this week. That’s mostly because I’m getting here earlier in order to get a convenient carpark, and have more time to wander to my office via the coffee shop or the bookshop … After being closed for Summer renovations, and keeping in mind my rather inconsistent real coffee buying, I was delighted this morning that the rather cute coffee maker knew what I had. I feel like a regular once again!

Oh, cool thing I saw last night … on a particular model of Honda the rear ‘H’ logo glows blue when the brakes are applied. How cool is that? And how have I not known about this before? Me want … almost enough to think about buying a new car, but not really.


~ by pincushiondiary on March 4, 2005.

5 Responses to “Regular coffee …”

  1. LOL While you are making note of the interesting blue H feature, you inadvertently neglect to apply the brakes until it’s …. oooooops!

    Maybe that’s something all car manufacturers should take up, but the logos should be colour coded according to new vehicle value: Kia might use a soft green light, so you know you’re insurance company will up your premiums but will probably not refuse to reinsure you if you are responsible for a collision with that vehicle; Honda or Volvo might use a blue light to indicate you insurance company is going to cause you some pain if you bump into this vehicle; and a Mercedes should be bright red so you know that if you hit this car, your insurance company will want your blood, you bone marrow and your first born when you attempt to reinsure after sneezing near this car.

  2. I always used to say when I was a young P-plate driver that if the insurance company were going to charge me a $750 or $800 excess, that I’d make it worthwhile and smash into a Lexus or a Porsche or something. I didn’t give any consideration to future premiums when I said that, and fortunately didn’t actually have the event occur anyway …

  3. The Glowing Honda Badge is also available as an aftermarket accessory. They do look cool, but are considered “rice” by people in the Automotive Street Scene. They don’t add any performance value to the car, but make it look faster.

    WRT Coffee, I like getting coffee on the way to work too, but there is nowhere in Frankston where you can buy good coffee at 7:30am I have to buy my coffee in either Cranbourne or Cranbourne North, and then drive for another 20 minutes, hoping the coffee doesn’t go cold, or spill.
    I don’t mind, because your other reason for buying coffee is the same other reason that I buy coffee… the Baristas are attractive and remember what I like.

  4. Yay for shiny things – I would be so impressed by that!

    The other night I caught a cab home with a monitor inbedded into the headrest – touch screen! Didn;t do much though but it didn;t stop me playing with the whole way home!

  5. Are you sure you weren’t catching an aeroplane home, Annabel?

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