Pinch ‘n a punch

It’s the first of the month. Oh my, the first of March … why this would be the moment when we all start saying that the year is flying by already!

Had a crazy, hectic day at work yesterday (without time even to check one or two of my favourite blogs!) as it was the first day of semester. Lots of little first year students wandering around, unsure of where to go or when their classes were. I wasn’t a great deal of help with directions to buildings any further than those which the rest of our particular school are housed in. Some people didn’t find this particularly helpful, especially one patronising woman who had the gumption to say, “So, do you work there?” To which I replied, “Yes, but it is a rather large campus, and I don’t know every inch of it.”

To recap on the weekend …

I am now the only one out of my siblings and I to have an appendix remaining undisturbed in my body. My brother had his out a few months ago, and this time it was my 14-year old sister’s turn to have it removed. Reports from Mum are that she is doing well, has been up and fairly mobile, and this morning gets to try to eat a bit of toast. If she can successfully keep that down, they will take out the drip and she will be a step closer to going home. She’d been sick for a week leading up to this, and will have a good story to tell the teachers when she returns to school, as I swear some of them think she is a bit of a hypochondriac because she misses a lot of school with what they have called child migraines.

I spent Saturday afternoon with a bit of an odd cleaning bug in me, which stopped for the evening and then reappeared on Sunday evening. Rather than doing useful things like vacuuming or cleaning the loo, I instead cleaned out the dreaded ‘plastics cupboard’ and then cleaned a garbage bag of clothes out of my wardrobe (which in reality could have been two or three bags, but I just can’t bear to throw even crappy old clothes out – instead I keep them for ’round the ‘ouse wear, but never seem to remember to wear them ’round the ‘ouse). So, at least now my clothes and the containers are stacked in neat piles, and the vacuuming and other household chores will have to be done during the week.

Saturday night, I went out to dinner for the birthday of Lucy, who I used to live with a couple of years ago. It was a lovely night at QPO, with friends who I sometimes now don’t see much of, but whose company I very much enjoy when I do. I’d spent the day wandering the shops in Ivanhoe and Fairfield (did away with the big shopping centres for the day) finding lots of things that weren’t quite right for a gift … Having lived with someone can be both a bonus and a bother when you are gift shopping for them; you know what they like, but you also know what they have loads of and what they don’t really need more of. In this case, the staple female gifts of jewellery, body creams, photo frames & homewares were all off the shopping list. In the end the painted plate that I bought was lovely, but as far as I was concerned still not quite right, but Lucy liked it and that’s the main thing!

Sunday afternoon, I went with B, J & the X-man into Lygon street to have a light lunch and then wander the Carlton Gardens. It was a lovely afternoon, and I had a delightful time running after Xavier and helping him to “umm” [jump] off things. Just a couple of the many funny moments: Xavier walking around with his right leg kicking the air, as he attempted to chase the seagulls and kick them (we think) and him throwing stones into the pond and accidentally releasing his grip on the hand that held the vegemite sandwich triangle. The ducks thought it was delicious! I was once again so impressed by how much he has grown in such a short time, especially with how clearly pronounced his “bye” is now. Ahh, our little man is growing up! He can only fly for free for 3 more months now …


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