About me …

Once again, I’m doing one of these Q&A things to waste time … It’s been a few months inbetween times …
(BTW, I copied Ren again …)


Your gender: Female.
Straight/gay/bi? Straight.
Single? Yep.
Want to be? Nope. Oh, um … I don’t think that was in relation to the previous answer … Want to be? A teacher. I think. I’m just taking the long journey to get there.
Your birthday: 3rd May 1978
Your age: 26
Your height: 5’6” or 167cm-ish.
The color of your eyes: Green (with a tiny hazel patch in one).
The color of your hair: Light brown naturally, with various blonde and brown streaks at the moment and in need of a trip to the salon.
Left/right/ambidextrous? Right-handed. But I use a knife & fork like a leftie. [NB. Now see comments for qualifying statement]
Have any pets? Not at the moment.
What’s your job: Slave to academics and students [aka. administrative Officer in the History Program at LTU].
Piercings? Two in each ear, though only one utilized usually.
Tattoos? No. Have thought about it though … [Not now since seeing ACA’s report on removal of tattoos last night … Ouch!]
Obsessions? Many … in particular the way things are folded (socks and towels) or put in the cupboard (glasses and cups upside down). I’m ripe for OCD! I hate bad spelling too, sorry …
Addictions? Many … including crap TV, blogging, chocolate … I luuurvve ‘Will & Grace’ and the character Joey from ‘Friends’ makes me wet my pants with laughter (not literally) …
Do you speak another language? Apparently I can speak Italian, though more often than not I forget it … I also sometimes do a great Quattrocento [fifteenth century] mix of Latin and Italian.
Have a favorite quote? Avoiding “The Princess Bride”, the first one that comes to mind is from life … D: “Ummm, [snap, snap] what’s that fast drug?” Me: “…Speed?”
Do you have a webpage? I have a blog, but not a webpage. My contact details also appear all over my work’s webpages … and I have to maintain them, so that is as close as I get.

DEEP THOUGHTS about life and you in it

Do you live in the moment? Mostly try to, though am also prone to the occasional trip down memory lane or what if? session.
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others? Yes.
Do you have any secrets? Yes! He-he-he …
Do you hate yourself? Nope.
Do you like your handwriting? Yes, and so do most other people. I get comments all the time. I was once told while at uni that I had handwriting like on the Australia Post ‘How to address envelopes correctly’ advert …
Do you have any bad habits? Yep! Used to always list nail-biting … Suggestions on my others, brave readers?
What is the compliment you get most from people? Nice handwriting! 😛 “I really like your hair” (Its all in the choice of a good hair stylist, really) … General comments that I am friendly and nice. The T.A.S. [Trish Appreciation Society] frequently tells me that I am pretty/gorgeous etc …
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called? Perseverant Pincushion’s Big Adventure/Bogus Journey/Tea Party
What’s your biggest fear? Not being able to keep walking/my Mum dying too young.
Can you sing? Yeah, I believe so … but I’m pretty good at pretending I can’t when in a silly moment too!
Are you a daredevil? Not often.
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself? Fear: not being able to walk properly, and don’t get me started on incontinence or the other common symptoms of this bloody auto-immune disease! Hate: That sometimes I give away more of my personal details than I plan to in conversation with people who are not in the inner circle (sure, sometimes that is a growing and good thing, sometimes I just feel self-centred…)
Are you passive or aggressive? Passive!
Have you got a journal? This and a regular one at home. This is more frequent though, but not quite as personal.
What is your greatest strength and weakness? Umm … I am determined to not be a victim/I over-analyse relationships and interactions …?
How do you vent? With swear words usually.
Do you think you are emotionally strong? Yes!
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life? There are a couple of guys who are no loner in my life who I wish I’d kissed … [Some of you can probably guess who…]
Do you think life has been good so far? It has been reasonable so far, and it is just getting better and better!
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from life? Family first.
What do you like the most about your body? My eyes, my feet, and now that I have longer fingernails, my hands.
And least? My stomach (partly because it is flabby, partly because of scars).
Do you think you are good looking? I mostly think I’m pretty.
Are you confident? Usually.
What is the fictional character you’re most like? Not sure … suggestions?
Do people know how you feel? Mostly, though I am a definite confrontation-avoider. People certainly usually know how I feel about other people – e.g. everyone but the guy I’m interested in usually knows that I am interested in him! My friends and family know that I love them, and people usually know whether I am happy or sad etc.
Are you perceived wrongly? Not usually.

Smoke? Nope.
Do drugs? Just prescription.
Read the newspaper? Once a week on average.
Pray? Yep.
Go to church? Yep.
Talk to strangers who IM you? No, don’t IM.
Sleep with stuffed animals? No, but do have a couple sitting on a chair in the corner of my bedroom.
Take walks in the rain? Not really, but I like the idea of it in a light downpour! I’m too sensible to do it though.
Talk to people even though you hate them? Sometimes have to.
Drive? Yep.
Like to drive fast? Oh yeah, but I tend to resist the urge! I have, however, only ever got one speeding fine, and I’m proud to say it wasn’t in my own car.


Hurt yourself? Lots of times. Not intentionally though! Have not broken a bone, but have scalded/burned my arm rather badly (requiring ambulance). Fell on my head once when I was younger … “Ahh, that explains it then!”
Been out of the country? Yes, once to England and Italy. And … [deep breath] … I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka, I’m going to Sri lanka!
Been in love? Yes.
Gone skinny dipping? Not that I can remember … I’ve been swimming in my underwear plenty of times though!
Had a medical emergency? Yep.
Had a surgery? Not under a general anaesthetic, but I have had a wart burnt off my foot thrice, and my wisdom teeth out.
Ran away from home? No.
Played strip poker? Not that I can remember …
Gotten beaten up? Only by my brother …
Beaten someone up? Only my brother …
Been picked on? Loads. Kids are cruel! (It’s not my fault that I hit puberty early, but some girls in primary school thought it was the joke of the term …) I also had a surname that people liked to play around with in high school (Austin-Sparrow), but that was playful teasing more than picking on me.
Thought about suicide? Not for myself, but as an issue …
Pulled an all-nighter? Many times! At a couple of camps in high school, and many times while at uni … I distinctly remember one time driving back to my little flat in Croydon along Canterbury Road and seeing a hot-air balloon taking off into the morning sky as I was heading home to bed.
If yes, what is your record? Don’t remember … I think it is about 36 hours?
Gone one day without food? Only for the 40-hour famine.
Talked on the phone all night? Most of the night … Not for a long time. In high school, one friend and I used to say goodbye to each other about 5 times before actually hanging up, to the point where it became rather amusing that we would always find crap to continue talking about … That was a guy friend, and it has only now just occurred to me that maybe he kept me on the phone because he had a crush on me?? Dunno …
Slept all day? Close to. Especially when sick, but also when being just plain lazy. I have stayed in bed all day reading too.
Made out with a stranger? Only boys that I barely knew at high school socials.
Had sex with a stranger? No.
Thought you’re going crazy? Every now and then … perhaps under the influence of alcohol. I’ve frequently thought other people are going crazy!
Kissed the same sex? Only on the cheek.
Done anything sexual with the same sex? Nope.
Been betrayed? Yep.
Had a dream that came true? Probably … I’ve certainly had a sense of de ja veux plenty of times.
Broken the law? Yep, but nothing out of the ordinary! One speeding fine, jay-walking (oooooh, um-mah), pirating videos/DVDs/CDs and so forth …
Met a famous person? Yep.
Have you ever killed an animal by accident? Only bunnies and birdies.
On purpose? Only rodents and insects.
Told a secret you swore you wouldn’t tell? Yes, but only when it is really important not to keep it as a secret.
Stolen anything? A packet of ‘Dandy’ chewy when I was about 10-years old. I got into so much trouble (as did the friend who also stole a packet)!
Been on radio/tv? Yes – When Glen Ridge did regional TV before becoming more well-known with Sale of the Century, I was in the audience for his show ‘Kids Only’; I was a frequent caller to the 3YB request line in high school; and my name and photo has been in the newspaper a number of times.
Been in a mosh-pit? No, not my scene.
Had a nervous breakdown? “Can’t sleep, clown will eat me … can’t sleep, clown will eat me …” Nope.
Considered religious vocation? Not seriously. Maybe mentioned becoming a nun, but only when disillusioned about the men in my life, or lack thereof.
Been criticized about your sexual performance? Nope.
Bungee jumped? Nope.
Had a dream that kept coming back? Yeah … that tells of deeper emotional issues though, doesn’t it? It was about a long path that stretched into black nothingness, and I was being chased along it … V. Scary.

CLOTHES and other fashion junk

Shoe brand? Any! Give me more!
Brand of clothing? The House of Target and Sussan are practical favourites, but I would love to be able to wear lovely stuff from pricier places more often.
Cologne/perfume? G by Georgio of Beverley Hills has been a favourite for a while, before that Maroussia … am in the market for a new scent.
What are you normally wearing to school/work? Neat casual: skirts, pants, shirts (when I can be bothered ironing), jeans sometimes … regular clothes, but not business-like clothes.
How about panties? Traditionally sensible briefs, sometimes hipsters. Hate Gs with a passion.
Wear hats? Beanies in winter, and have just bought a delightful rose-pink felt vintage hat with sequin detail, and am excited about the prospect of wearing it more often in winter.
Judge other people by their clothing? Consider people by their clothing, not judge.
Wear make-up? Most days, but really only the basics. Like the fact that at 26, I have mastered the art of blending eye-shadows so that they look great for a night out!
Favourite place to shop? Markets, interesting gift shops, clean and well-lit supermarkets, Ikea (sometimes), Borders and other big book stores … anywhere when I have the money to buy what I want!
Favourite article of clothing? I have loads … the skirt I am wearing right now (got it in England), another skirt I got from Monsoon in London, my new hat, my two frequently-worn pendants, comfy jeans … my black shoes with the embroidered flowers on them …
Are you trendy? One of the nicest compliments that I have received in recent times has been from someone who said they loved the way I dress … I don’t think I’m trendy, but I do take pride in what I wear and know what I like and what I don’t. I sometimes follow trends, I sometimes just wear whatever I like and feel myself in.
Would you rather wear a uniform to school? I did wear a uniform to school, and am grateful for it because I wouldn’t have been confident of what other clothing choices or options I would have had then. Out-of-uniform days were always a stress for me, especially when we had to dress in form colours (Especially when I was in 7-silver, which they soon changed to 7-purple!)


Believe in life on other planets? Only miniscule organisms, not intelligent life.
Miracles? Yes.
Astrology? ‘Tis bollocks!
Magic? Maybe.
God? Definitely. Jesus and the Holy Spirit too.
Satan? Yes.
Santa? Shucks, no …
Ghosts? Jury is still out … basically no.
Luck? In a very coincidental sense of the word.
Love at first sight? No.
Yin and Yang? No.
Witches? Not in the Snow White or Wizard of Oz sense … but there are people who practice dark things and call themselves witches.
Easter bunny? Shucks, no …
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever? For some people? Yes, definitely. For me? Not sure yet … ask me at the end of forever!
Believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? There’s nothing at the end of the rainbow.
Do you wish on stars? Silly me … yes!


Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? What’s a traditional view of this any more? I believe that God’s Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven … whatever that means. I’m not going to bother with taking the time to wonder, because I am sure that it will be either more than I could ever imagine or just like now but with people being reconciled fully to the love of the Creator.
Do you think God has a gender? No, but we have assigned Him one to try to come to a better understanding of Him, which I think is helpful overall.
Do you think that science counteracts religion? I believe that FAITH counteracts science.
Do you believe in organized religion? I see the Church as a sometimes helpful, often not, institution. I also think that there are helpful traditions within organised religion that we should hold on to too. I believe in the community of the followers of Jesus Christ … Dogma & crap gets in the way lots.
Where do you think we go when we die? Body: to the cemetery. Soul: what Jesus said …

LOVE, and all that

Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title? Nope.
Do you consider love a mistake? Not at all.
What do you find romantic? Spontenaiety. Gifts that reflect deeper parts of my personality. In-jokes.
Turn-on? Lovely eyes … gracefulness, kindness, similar beliefs …
Turn-off? Smell of cigarette smoke or B.O.
First kiss? Was in year 8 at the school social … his name was Jarrod Pigdon, it was all organized between his friends and mine beforehand, he needed a shave and he was just horrible to me the next day.
If you had no interest in dating someone who expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? Flattered.
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them? Yes, but often it gets in the way … i.e. being apprehensive about losing a friendship if it doesn’t work, etc.
Have you ever wished it was more “socially acceptable” for a girl to ask a guy out? Very much so, and also that I was brave enough to do it!
Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? I don’t think I have bad taste, I just have my taste … Whether someone is attractive or not is in the eye of the beholder. But no, I don’t think I’ve ever been attracted to an ‘ugly’ person.
Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking? Some of them …
What is best about the opposite sex? The fact that they are different to women, both in physical and mental attributes.
What is the worst thing about the opposite sex? Where to start …?
Do you read porn? Nope.
What’s the last present someone gave you? Can’t currently remember the most recent … My housemate gave me some shirts she no longer wants the other day. The last present of a romantic nature that I can remember was picked off a neighbour’s rose bush … but that was in March last year.
Are you in love? No.
Do you consider your significant other hot? Not applicable …
What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guy/girl standing on the sidewalk? Appreciate from afar for a brief moment.


Are you going out? I’m about to leave work … and am then at a meeting for most of the evening.
What are you wearing right now? One of my favourite skirts (floral print), layered black singlets, black slip-on shoes, bra and knickers.
Body-part you’re touching right now: Hands on the keyboard, bum on chair.
What are you worried about right now? That I can feel a bit of an end-of-day headache coming on … What to eat for dinner …
What book are you reading? Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind. V.G.
Are you bored? A little.
Are you tired? A little, but mostly hot.
Are you talking to anyone online? No.
Are you talking to anyone on the phone? Not at this present moment.
Are you lonely or content? Content, but a little bit lonely sometimes.
Are you listening to music? No, just the sound of the overhead fan and my fingers on the keys.


~ by pincushiondiary on March 1, 2005.

6 Responses to “About me …”

  1. What’s this with “using knife and fork like a lefty”??? You’re the second person in the last week. For the record, I’m left-handed, and hold my fork in the left hand and my knife in my right hand like the rest of the world!

    (Which would you rather do with your non-dominant hand – cut your steak a bit wrong or jab yourself in mouth with the pointy bits of a fork?)

  2. I’m left handed, and I kick a football with my left foot. But I hold a cricket bat right handed. When I began driving I was delighted to see that gear shifts are all on the left. It’s a big advantage. There was a shop in the Rocks area of Sydney which specialised in left handed merchadise. It’s all they sold. I don’t know if it’s still going.

  3. I hold the fork in my right hand and the knife in my left, and so when I sit down at a set table, the first thing I discretely do is swap the cutlery over … My brother is left-handed and eats with his fork in the left hand and his knife in the right, which is basically the ‘correct’ way to do it. I think I must have been stubborn as a child and decided to do it my way and my parents couldn’t be bothered objecting? So, I retract my “hold a knife & fork like a leftie” comment and replace it with “hold my knife & fork incorrectly”!

  4. In primary school some teachers tried to force me to hold a pen in my right hand, they even whacked my left hand with a ruler. But writing with my left was natural; it wasn’t a choice, and anyway, I already knew that it wasn’t a disadvantage.
    I swap the cutlery, and I do it discreetly, to avoid getting apologies. Left-handedness is no one’s fault. And it’s no disadvantage. I’ve found out that when you’re holding a knife, or a sword, the concern is never about which hand it’s in.

  5. I really am going to have to insist you stop stealing my stuff. *cackle*

  6. Sorry Ren … 😛
    Oh, I suppose I can find someone else to steal ideas off for a little while!

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