Calm before the storm …

It’s the end of the working week, and I am itching to get out of here (my office) … Still, before then I will do a little bit of blogging …

It is the calm (more or less) before the storm (more or less) here. Next week is the first week of semester. Next week will see (so I’m told, as I’ve not experienced it from this position before) many lost and confused students wandering the corridors looking for their classes and the offices of their tutors … It will see many of them getting to the end of the week and changing their mind and then changing their subjects, or leaving all together … It will see many, many, many of them passing through my office as they collect subject guides and ask questions about the whereabouts of lecturers and tutors. I will try to remain friendly at all times and help them as much as I possibly can. After all, without the students, we wouldn’t have the academics or the University … and without these things, I wouldn’t have a job to come to.

Still, I do wish that they weren’t coming next week … I can get so much more done when I shut the office door and don’t get interupted. I shut-up shop for the afternoon twice this week just to update some of the Program’s webpages. We had stuff up or out there that was significantly out of date (and being a History department is no excuse for it!) … A call for papers for a conference that was held in 2003? Deleted without hesitation.

So, I wonder how long before I am frazzled and sick of students next week? I must remember to bring my lunch from home every day, so that I don’t have to fight the crowds and spend half of my lunch break in a queue too …


~ by pincushiondiary on February 25, 2005.

2 Responses to “Calm before the storm …”

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    Calm before the storm …

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    Calm before the storm …

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