Let’s move on a step …

Okay, so all of my readers should by now know that I am going to Sri Lanka…

To recap, I’m going to be doing the ‘MS Challenge: Ride Around Sri Lanka’ in November, organised by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Victoria, with my housemate, Leanne, and 20 to 40 other people. We each have to each raise $5,000 (on top of a payment out of our own pocket) in order to go on the trip. Today, I have posted off our forms to Consumer Affairs to become registered fundraisers for the MS Society of Australia.

So, while I have loads of ideas for fundraising in my head, and also have a huge list of suggestions from the MS Society, I want to ask you (my friends and blog readers who will be expected to turn up to some of the fundraising events that we will run) what your suggestions for interesting and fun fundraising are?


~ by pincushiondiary on February 23, 2005.

3 Responses to “Let’s move on a step …”

  1. We went to a friend’s trivia night. He was raising money for his cricket club. I suppose you have to get ‘prizes’ to give away, but there’s lots of money that comes in for it.

  2. I’ve been to trivia nights which have been absolutely fantastic, even without prizes. It all comes down to having a fun MC. The questions have to varied.
    Some Trivia nights have been absolute stinkers because the person writing the questions was a geek. They may have been a Sports Geek, Movie Geek or Music Geek, but more than half the people didn’t have a clue about any of the Questions. To get an idea on how not to run a fun Trivia Night, watch RockQuiz on SBS. I love RockQuiz ‘cos I’m a bit of a Music Geek, but the average person has no Idea about any of the questions, let alone the answers.
    Prizes are always good, but not always necessary. Non-Trivia games like Heads & Tails are fun and can raise surprising amounts of money. They are also good for getting people moving about so the night doesn’t drag on.
    Depending on your Social opinions, Alcohol loosens wallets a lot, but Public Liability skyrockets when Alcohol is involved. One solution is to have it in a Licensed Function-room. It may be pricier than a Scout Hall, but it’s not your problem when some Idiot gets Drunk and tries to drive Home.

  3. Thanks guys! The trivia night idea was already a definite option, as I have a pretty good track record – I’ve done the questions for two different trivia nights, and both times people have commented that it has been the best trivia night they’ve ever been to! I make sure that the questions are varied, and not too hard and not too easy, all to make sure that everyone feels like they can contribute to the team’s progress. We raised $1,700 at the most recent one, where we had loads of donated prizes and auctioned off some larger items. I’m thinking of doing one trivia night in Melbourne and a repeat night in Warrnambool for this fundraising venture …

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