Put in my official leave request today for 14/11/05 to 04/12/05, and it was APPROVED! Yay! We’re going to Sri Lanka, we’re going to Sri lanka!!

Had a lovely chat to my boss about what/where/when/why too. She suffers from a different, but still debilitating, auto-immune disease too, so we had a friendly chat about living life to the fullest and so on. She’s just turned 50, has reumatoid arthritis, and is going on a safari to Africa in June/July. She is fully in support of me doing the MS Challenge to Sri Lanka in November, regardless of how busy a time of year it might be for us, and will help with publicising fundraising events amongst the school etc., if needed. What lovely support! The chat with her made my morning! My week even!

We’re going to Sri Lanka, we’re going to Sri Lanka!!
(Don’t worry, the excitement will ease soon enough … though there will be peaks and troughs of excitement in me, both in person and on my blog, over the coming 10 months)

FYI, I’m under spam attack. Again. So, if you are reading old archived entries and see junky comments … I’m getting to them! They are destined for the ‘delete’ button. But there’s only so much one girl can do to rid the world of spam while she’s working a busy week!


~ by pincushiondiary on February 18, 2005.

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  1. Happy cycling Trish!

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