Oh yeah …

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Still, my attitude would change instantly if some flowers came my way, so I’m only cynical out of loneliness …


~ by pincushiondiary on February 14, 2005.

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  1. Trish as a long lime lurker I wish you a very happy Valentines day. Remember, being single means not being attached to any undesireables (like me!).

    Don’t let it get you down.

  2. Richard, you are my one and only (so far, at 6:00pm) Valentine’s well-wisher!
    It is true what you say about being single meaning that I am not attached to any undesirables (though I don’t know you to know whether that is true of you) and I wouldn’t want to be reattached to my ex for all the money in Microsoft. Still, a rose or a kiss on Valentine’s day wouldn’t go unappreciated!

  3. Valentine’s Day tally [compared to one blue balloon and a pink carnation, and a white rose that came about a month later, from last year]: Message from Richard (see above), sms reply from T and then sms message from same with creative pic @–>— , and then this morning a late sms reply and message from the man who I might be vaguely interested in … refuse to read anything into it, apart from politeness, though! 😀

  4. I gave one of the girls here a rose I snipped from the house next door. I give her flowers from there all the time, it’s a beautiful garden. And of course I’d do the same for you. Because I do indeed wish you a happy life with lots of flowers. Things you love.


  5. you are right, lonliness can make you sentimental…i know where you are coming from because I have been there…. so I wish you luck and good things to come your way….And it looks like there is lots of friends and luck and love in your life as it is already…

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