My weekend:

Friday evening, I attended the first part of a 1 ½ day seminar on the Enneagram (see here for more information). The decision to take part in this seminar is part of my current on-going and long-term journey of getting to know myself better (why I react the way I do and so forth). I’d heard a bit about it in passing, and had done some of the Myers & Briggs personality type testing when I was at Uni … The friend who I car-pooled with approached the preliminary parts of the test in a completely different manner to me, so we concluded that it actually wasn’t going to be about what scores we got, but how we answered the question, ‘How did you go about completing the test?’ that would really show us our true selves. I methodically went through the questions, skipping those that I didn’t understand to come back to them later, all the while wondering if the carbon paper in between the sheets was working as it should. He didn’t read the instructions properly, and discarded the carbon paper too early, only to have to flatten it out and put it between the pieces of paper again, which he then later realised he’d done the wrong way and had the end product of a testing paper with little carbon circles in all the wrong areas.

9:30am to roughly 5:00pm Saturday, was spent at this seminar again. Have a look at the site (and other sites, there are loads) … or books (there’s loads of those things called ‘books’ about this too) if you want to know more. And if you want to know more still, then I encourage you to do a proper course and see whether you have yourself figured out correctly. Some people don’t put too much faith in these kind of things; some people see them as really helpful and quite accurate. I went into the seminar knowing the following (amongst other things) about myself : I am a perfectionist, I am a confrontation-avoider, I am loyal and reliable, I am at times creative … So, some of the things that they say about my type ring true to me. I see myself as mostly in the ‘Healthy’ arena, sometimes in the ‘Average’ arena, and certainly not at the point of being at the stage mentioned in the ‘Unhealthy’ qualities!


Saturday night, I went to see the Paul Colman ‘One Man, One Guitar Vol. 2 Tour’ Melbourne performance. I really enjoyed it! I enjoy Paul’s songs and his sense of humour and his take on life that is expressed through his song lyrics; that the dogma (politics, rules and ritual) of the Church gets in the way of people knowing and being in relationship with Jesus.

As I was driving home after the concert, I saw on the road, no less than 100 metres apart, a dead possum and a magic 8-ball. I wonder whether the possum had been playing with the 8-ball, and what it had predicted?

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I was awoken (as was my housemate, I later learned) by men yelling outside. At first, I thought it was just our crazy Greek (?) neighbours (because they are always shouting at each other to communicate, regardless of the time of day or their distance from one another), but soon realised that the yelling was coming from across the road and it was in English. It was quite disturbing actually, because one voice was telling the other to get the *@#! out of his house, and the other was trying to reason with him and saying things about being mates. They didn’t sound like they were having a physical fight; they sounded heart-broken. Maybe it sounded like this to me because it was about 4:00am, or maybe this was actually the case. Either way, it was really saddening. And also very annoying … well, who likes to be ripped from their gentle slumber in the early hours by voices shouting expletives for nearly half an hour?

So, Sunday morning was a very well deserved sleep-in. I spent the day leisurely tidying things, and finally hung a couple of pictures (well, pinboards covered in photos) in my room. One thing finished in the “Year of the Finished Project”! Although, half of the photos have fallen off the pinboards, and I really need to stick more photos onto them, so it is still an almost finished project, I suppose …

Sunday evening, a few friends and I travelled out to a restaurant in Glen Waverley because we thought another friend of ours was playing some mood music. Unfortunately, he wasn’t and we ended up going to a different restaurant and having only okay food and ending the weekend on a not-so-high note. We even went to a large and cringe-worthy* Church out that way beforehand to visit with friends that we don’t see very often, but most of them weren’t there either. Ah well, there’s always next time …

*No offense meant to my friends who do attend that Church. It is just a big culture shock to me when I do go there, as I normally go to a small and experimental/alternative gathering of my community.


~ by pincushiondiary on February 14, 2005.

2 Responses to “My weekend:”

  1. hi are you referring to the Crossway church on springvale rd? I go there too! Haha! A very different style compares to the others.

  2. Oh my, a lurker who goes to the very Church that I was talking about! đŸ˜€ You probably know the same people I know too …

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