Little Plastic Castle

I’m copying Ren again, and saw that she did this meme thing on her blog that is as follows … I figured that because I have so many CDs by this one artist, it would not be a difficult thing to do. I didn’t realise that in being a fan of such a prolific recording artist, I would struggle to choose just one answer to each question. So, I’ve put more than one answer when I’ve felt so inclined …

Choose a band and answer only in song titles by that band: Ani Difranco [whoops, not a band … does that mean I’ve failed the quiz already?]

Are you male or female? joyful girl
Describe yourself: evolve/revelling
How do some people feel about you? shrug/not a pretty girl/untouchable face/whathowwhenwhere(whywho)/sick of me
How do you feel about yourself? origami
Describe your ex-boyfriend: [not] angry any more
Describe your current boyfriend: shy/hide & seek/anticipate [because he doesn’t exist!]
Describe what you want to be: superhero
Describe your current mood: pulse/promised land
Describe your friends: bliss like this
Share a few words of wisdom: this box contains … amazing grace

I didn’t get to answer any questions with my two favourite songs …
Where do you want to live? little plastic castle
Where do you feel most at home? freakshow


~ by pincushiondiary on February 11, 2005.

6 Responses to “Little Plastic Castle”

  1. Has someone told you they think you’re not a pretty girl?

  2. Can you elaborate on the origami?

  3. Don’t be coy. You are indeed a pretty girl, I can tell.

  4. Not a pretty girl … Is not something I currently believe to be true about myself (mjd – did Toby make you a member of the T.A.S.?) but certainly something that I believed while in high school. My self-esteem was pretty low then, and teenage boys did nothing to raise it (and I was oblivious to being the obeject of affection for my favourite back-stroke boy back then!) so, that’s why I used that title.

  5. And to elaborate on the origami … It’s about the folds and the layers and the intricacies involved … Peace cranes and those little jumping frogs … And maybe the fact that I just can’t get the hang of origami, and maybe I just can’t get the hang of myself! (Though, I don’t actually think that aspect is actually true)

  6. *LOL* Glad you did this one, and I find it particularly amusing we both want to be heroes.

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