Ashes to ashes …

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. The Ash Wednesday that comes after Shrove Tuesday. The Ash Wednesday which is about more than just bush fires.
Shrove Tuesday is a time to feast and be thankful for the abundance of blessings or good stuff in our life, and Ash Wednesday is a time to stop and reflect on our own mortality and upon the sacrifice of Jesus.
A lot of people begin fasting or give up a particular treat for the time of Lent (from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday and Easter). I know of people who are giving up wine, chocolate and caffeinated coffee. I’m not giving up anything. I won’t find it a helpful or growing action, and it will just become something that I feel legalistic about.
Instead, I’m going to be more conscious of the abundance in my life when I come across it. I will be aware of sacrifice as I drink the wine or eat the chocolate. I will take a moment to stop and reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice. I have also made a decision to live more healthily and choose how I spend my time better over these next weeks. I will moderate the junk I eat more than I currently do (I really have no diet qualms or hang-ups usually, and eat what I feel like eating when I feel like eating it, which overall totals a not-too-bad diet and not-too-big-a-heffalump Trish). I will not watch as much crap television (you know, those programs that you sit in front of and endure because you can’t be bothered moving or you’re waiting for the next program? e.g. ‘Dancing With the Stars’, which is crap and is on before ‘All Saints’, which I put into the list of shows that are good and which I am allowed to watch) and instead, I will spend my time reading/writing/praying/creating (mosaic or patchwork) and tend to my spiritual and personal growth … and not add to the ratings for crap shows either.


~ by pincushiondiary on February 10, 2005.

11 Responses to “Ashes to ashes …”

  1. Forgive me, but I’ve never seen All Saints, nor any of those so- called dramas, which are all the same to me; but I’d say Dancing With The Stars would be less manipulative, less pretentious, and less puerile.

  2. Like you I’m going to watch only the shows I enjoy too and switch the TV off in between. I have seen a couple of shows that I think are a waste of time. I suppose if you’ve seen them, you can make that opinion.

  3. I cannot sit and be witness to Darryl Somers’ mindless self-humouring chatter at all, even if ‘Dancing with the Stars’ might be less pretentious etc than ‘All Saints’. For the record, I do watch some other shows that are actually considered quality viewing by a large portion of the tv-viewing public … Being entertained is an entirely personal experience anyway – we like and dislike whatever and whomever we so choose.

  4. The type of show you consider entertaining says a lot about you. Everything, in fact. But it isn’t a choice. Good or bad taste isn’t a choice, it’s just the way you are.

  5. Okay, I do agree that often you don’t have control over what you do and don’t find entertaining. Reactions are just that, reactions. However, I also think though that you can also take steps to change the way you are, and be introduced to other things that you might find entertaining for e.g., if you feel so inclined, and that you can make a choice to watch or to not watch certain things based on the decision to be more or less cultured/ parochial/whatever …
    So then, if what shows you watch says a lot about you, what shows do you watch, if any, R.H.?

  6. ho-ho-ho. You nearly got me there. You want the truth? I hate TV and I hate the cinema. But if I wanted to be totally depressed, I’d watch both.
    TV delivers an audience to advertisers, that’s all. The shows are depressing, but the audience doesn’t know it. The audience spends – to feel better, look better, get ‘closer’.
    The cinema tells lies. Outrageous lies. But coming out you feel better; your life isn’t so bad after all. You get an education too, about sex. How to do it. All the many ways. Great for instructing your partner “Now this is what people do.”
    Yes, well it fires you up alright, takes your mind off your dull life of going to work to buy things. Corporations aren’t fools, they aim at what obsesses you: your private parts. And really, when all’s said and done, you’re just a statistic, an opportunity.
    Popular culture is a stock market product, part of the economy. Movies are a product. Cars are a product. Movies sell cars. And a whole load of desired attitudes, because the economy needs obedience: a dumb consumer mob.
    You can’t force people to be good, or bad, but you can encourage them either way. Popular culture puts on a bad show.

  7. Take no notice, it’s just R.H. -being controversial again.

  8. It sounds exactly like Ramadan, but not as Hardcore; Ramadan requires the Faithful to forgo any nourishment during daylight hours. Its an offshoot of the desert lifestyle where the worst time of day to eat is when the sun is up. The best time of day to eat is during the night, when it’s cooler, and when the extra energy from the food is not wasted.

    My favourite Movie about Lent is Chocolát, where a Chocolate Shop opens up in a Puritanical Village in France just before Lent. This frustrates the Puritanical Major so much that he is driven to do Unchristian things like Burning down Gypsies Houseboats and Vandalising the Chocolate Shop.
    It’s a good moral about accepting that other people are different than you, and that refusing to accept that is the most Unchristian thing you can do.

  9. I’ve never heard of that movie, it sounds like something they’d put on at the George, or some other bughouse with a brainy audience. Well it’s too deep for me. I’d figure that anyone flaunting choccy among a churchy mob during Lent would be plain stupid, or else just looking for trouble. But apparently not. Apparently this is victimisation – again – by those dirty rotten UnChristian Christians! Well now I know why they serve vintage wine in those thinking person’s cinemas; they’d tear the bloody screen down otherwise. And rightly so.
    But anyway, how about a sequel? Maybe the same dunce could open a piggery next door to a synagogue during Yom Kippur. That’d get the old Rabbi going! Burn? You’ve no idea!

  10. Chocolát is one of my favourite movies for those very reasons, Daniel … And I will at times ignore you, R.H., because your reputation for being controversial preceeds you … still, feel free to comment, because I invite comments.

  11. I completely forgot about Ash Wednesday. Go figure. I couldn’t wait to ignore all the religious holidays on purpose when I finished schooling at the nunnery, and now I didn’t even think of it. *L* It only took eight years.

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