There’s a tree in the moat!

I’m sure that compared to many, my morning post-downpour is not all that exciting. After all, I was just hearing about the people stranded on the Tullamarine Freeway this morning, who were walking along the road with their suitcases in some hope of catching their flights!

However, I did have to drive through a rather big puddle on Bell St in order to turn the corner into Oriel Rd. I also had to step over a tree that had fallen over the pathway from the carpark to my building. I saw no less than three felled trees this morning on campus (and it wasn’t like I was conducting a thorough search; these were just the ones that I passed by), the most interesting being the 15ft (at least) tree that had toppled into the moat! I took a photo on my camera phone, but don’t have the necessary cables with me (or the skills necessary either) to download it onto my blog. I’ll be sure to show those who I see in person over the next few days though.

Apparently the weather radar shows a big pink blob of more heavy rain heading towards the Western suburbs as we speak … write … read …
Batten down the hatches again! Must come up with another way to get to our front door when the path is flooded beyond belief …


~ by pincushiondiary on February 3, 2005.

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