compliant and ambulant

It’s six-monthly check-up time and my doctor says, “She’s compliant. She’s Ambulant. She’s looking pretty good actually!” with a big grin as he gets that authorisation number for my fancy prescription … Was a line crossed there? Oh, there was that other time with a different doctor … and apparently Sexy Dr Joe is married now. (Shucks, there’s an ‘opportunity’ wasted! :P)

I saw my car’s sibling as I was driving back to the office this afternoon: OVF 685, silver Toyota Corolla RV … My car is the same model but white and 74 places ahead in the numberplate list.

Am munching on the very tasty banana bread that I ordered from a coffee shop on Saturday night. I could barely eat a third of the huge slice then, and it was sooo tasty, so I wrapped it in a few napkins and put it in my handbag for later. Didn’t get a chance to eat it yesterday, so am munching on it now as part of lunch and it still taste delicious! Hate bananas, love banana bread. Wonder about how many preservatives it contains if it still tastes fresh today though?


~ by pincushiondiary on January 31, 2005.

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  1. I hate pineapple but love pineapple juice.

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