The David Myers Sauna East Wing

Man, ’tis hot again … The bloody building retains so much of this heat. Ick … it. is. nasty.

All along I have been aware of the fan that has been hiding in its box in the corner of my office. I’ve been waiting until the heat became unbearable to add it to the ceiling fan as means to cool me down … It is on now, and shifting the air from both directions seems to be helping a bit. It also is making my office a whorl of paper and is not conducive to productive paper-shuffling. I’m off to have my lunch now, so the productivity meter can switch off for an hour … as it is, one of my bosses (the one who is technically my supervisor) suggested earlier that I take as many breaks as needed and go home early if it becomes too uncomfortable. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t … still, the option and the permission to do so is very nice!


~ by pincushiondiary on January 28, 2005.

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  1. Oh I’d have left a little early. Not too greedy, say maybe 3:30, just to skip the traffic… Hope you were able to!

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