Resolutions Decided

The other day it became startlingly clear to me what my 2005 new year’s resolutions should be … I’m a bit late with laying them on the line and publicly declaring them, but I figure it is a case of “better late than never” when the resolutions are sincere and serious, rather than flippant declarations or computer generated (like I’m seriously going to achieve this one?!). [Sorry, link no longer works]

2005 will be the year of … the finished project:

I have a number of things on my “TO DO” list that never progress much: the patchwork quilt that I started the day after I shaved my head (sometime in October 1998 from memory), which consists of small patches roughly 3cm in diameter that are sewn together to make larger patches that are roughly 21cm in diameter, and which would currently only cover a small coffee table rather than my queen-sized bed; the project to mosaic the tops of my bedside drawers (which my now deceased grandfather made himself many, many moons ago, and which have been painted a nice shade of purple and been given funky silver handles, but which still have ugly, marked white laminex tops), which is still at the “practice piece” stage; plans to paint a small cupboard that is currently used as an overflow pantry; plans to hang up a few pictures and photo pin-boards in my bedroom; putting the photos from my trip to Florence in 2001 into an album; enlarging and framing favourite photos from my trip to England and Florence in 2001; putting B & J’s wedding photos into an album (I was in the bridal party and the wedding was at the beginning of 2001); putting K & J’s wedding photos into an album (I was in this bridal party too and the wedding was in March 2003); putting A & G’s wedding photos into an album (I wasn’t in the bridal party, they are very important people, and the wedding was in mid 2003); finishing the task of sewing the curtains for the glass panels in the doors of my bedroom and the bathroom (the sides are hemmed, they just need the tops hemmed and to be strung up on a bit of cord); signing and sending the paperwork to consolidate my superannuation funds; reading the information about my new (5 months ago) superannuation fund to check if I have chosen the best fund options; double-checking the information for LTU’s health care provider and changing from my current provider to the new one, which from a quick read appears to have better, cheaper and more appropriate cover for me; to file or put away the huge pile of paperwork and stuff that is currently just shoved into a couple of bags under my bed …

2005 is also the year of … flirting less:

I am a huge flirt. No great revelations there for those who know me! However, I had a really helpful conversation with a friend the other day, filling her in with recent goings on with “Mr Mildly Interesting” (as Toby and I have come to affectionately refer to him, because up until now I have really never been anything more than mildly interested in him, off and on for the past year), chatting about matters of the heart and romance; a kind of clarifying or awakening conversation in many ways. I came away more determined to protect my heart. This means stopping things like flirting with guys when there is absolutely nothing behind it; this will protect my heart and ensure that my relationships/friendships are based on the right kind of interactions. There are a few guys in particular who I will make a concerted effort to not flirt with … so, sorry lads! I will not let habit or assumptions about the way men and women should interact (or whatever) dictate how I act. Nor will I let them control me, my relationships or my heart. I will break the habit that I have of flirting. In particular, I am motivated to resolve this for 2005 because I figure that if I want to even begin to think about the possibility of spending more time getting to know “Mr Mildly Interesting”, then I need to be less of a floozy and flirt only with him! This may seem like I?m being really harsh on myself to those who know me less well, but to those who know me well it should seem spot-on.


~ by pincushiondiary on January 20, 2005.

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  1. gosh I respect you 🙂
    You go girl!

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