Monday Mutterings …

bloody allen key … bloody wine rack … great idea … great purchase … hmmm … grrrr … Harumph!

I went on an expedition to Ikea in Richmond yesterday, with B, J & the little X-man, to peruse some furniture to fill their new rental house. I managed to spend close to $100 myself on replacing a couple of items that have recently departed with my now ex-housemate … ‘Not’ lamp – $16.95 (until I can afford the one I really want, which is $110); wine rack – $15.00; shoe rack – $9.95 (not recently departed, but very much needed in my wardrobe, as I am a bit of an ‘Imelda’ when it comes to shoes); clock – $9.95 (big, pink and plastic with a hook so that I can hang it on the pool fence and spend less time in the pool wondering what the time is); doormat – $1.95; pot – $10 (for B & J’s new house to match their new couch, but which they won’t be given until I find the right plant to go in it) …

Maybe the hole is not drilled in quite the right spot? Maybe that side of the rack is slightly, ever so slightly, bigger? Not to the naked eye, but definitely enough to impact upon the assembly of my new wine rack? Oww … my thumbs hurt from turning the allen key … I think I gave them a mini thumb workout and used tiny little muscles that were previously in hiding. The last screw is sitting a millimetre higher than it should, and I will not be defeated! I figure that if I move it a fraction of a millimetre each day, my thumbs will not hurt so much and eventually the blighter will go in! The problem is that all other holes lined up, but this one didn’t quite, so I’m boring into the wood as it goes in ever so crooked, and the task is not as simple as it should be. The good news, however, is that I managed to put my new lamp together in a flash!

In other news, one of my bosses is back today after his holidays, and is very chirpy and very happy with the things that I have been busy completing in his absence. He is also very happy with a couple of decisions I made with regard to things that weren’t done for various reasons. So, a very positive start to the week! Have to work an almost complete working week this week (only worked two days last week, after two days of leave and a sick day), except for a dental appointment on Wednesday. That reminds me, must ring my health care provider to see where my refund cheque is, as have been waiting for it for a few weeks now …

Am a little bit sunburnt on my chest and upper arms after spending yesterday afternoon helping some friends unpack a truckload (literally) of stuff that was used for the SUFM [Scripture Union Family Mission] holiday program that was held at Wilson’s Prom for the past two weeks … Didn’t do much heavy lifting myself, and didn’t realise that I was in the sun enough to get burnt … alas, I was. Mind you, I wasn’t nearly as pink or as dirty as they were upon their return, so I can’t really complain.


~ by pincushiondiary on January 17, 2005.

3 Responses to “Monday Mutterings …”

  1. Sunburnt? Not good…I’m so brown now from the 2 weeks…I think my shoulders are about to peel….ewwwwww……great to finally get to read your blog…keep it up!


  2. You’ve probably tried this already, but…

    …sometimes it’s easier to get the last screw in if you loosen up the others a bit. If you get them all in most of the way first, that last one will sometimes be a little easier.

  3. Thanks! 🙂
    I did try that theory as I was making it (as it was clear from the beginning that the alignment wasn’t going to be quite right) … The last screw is a fraction of a millimetre higher than the others now, and I could just leave it that way and it would be fine. I’ll probably try to screw it in that last little bit when my fingers are less tender. For now, I can still feel the slight bruise from turning the allen key and will wait until that has gone before attempting the last little bit.

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