To whom it may concern …

Dear (filthy, messy and gross) staff,

Cleaning the microwave and filling/emptying the dishwasher are not jobs or tasks listed in the position descriptions of your administrative officers.
Please put your own cups in the dishwasher. Please learn how to connect it and turn it on when it is full. Please realise that the clean dishes need to be put away, and put them away. Please do not put dirty dishes into the dishwasher when it has not yet been emptied of the clean dishes.
When you overheat your food in the microwave and cause it to spill over, please open the cupboard under the sink and locate the spray bottle of cleaning product. The paper towels are in a dispenser on the wall. The dispenser is always full. Please wipe out the microwave after use to ensure that nobody comes down with an unfortunate bout of gastro.
When you make your cup of tea/coffee, please clean up any spills or drips with the aforementioned cleaning product and paper towel. Please do not leave used tea bags on the sink. Please do not discard used tea leaves in the sink. Please brush spilled coffee into your hand and then into the bin, not just onto the floor.
Could someone please clean out the fridge? We do not use it and do not intend to ever open it for fear of suffering from inhalation of toxic substances.

Frustrated Administrative Officers


~ by pincushiondiary on January 14, 2005.

2 Responses to “To whom it may concern …”

  1. At one stage, my boss turned into a “fridge nazi” – his words, not mine! He’d just gotten sick of crap being left in the fridge for weeks and not touched, so he’d get in there and chuck stuff. I have to admit, I’m glad he did it, cos I wasn’t going anywhere near the stinky thing!

  2. Well if it’s any consolation, there was a guy who had exactly what you have described as his job description, just because the staff obviously couldn’t cope with the strain of cleaning up themselves. Threatening notes did not work. Neither did the thrice-weekly e-mail warning reminder of the weekly fridge clean-out!! It obviously happens in every office…

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