High & Mighty

There’s this guy that I regularly see as I wander from my car to my office. I’ve decided that he must also be an LTU staff member. That is an assumption that I make because he is dressed too neatly to be a student, and looks older than a student (while I, however, still apparently manage to look like I might be a student and might be eligible to vote in student elections, so therefore it is a good idea to thrust a bit of junk about how to vote into my hand as I innocently wander past on my way to get my lunch … mmm, must get me a “Sod off – I’m staff” t-shirt before this year’s election campaigns …)
Anyway, I saw this guy once again this morning. He always has a definite spring in his step. And a strong sense of purpose about where he is walking to. You see, the thing that really bothers me though (keep in mind that I often haven’t had a coffee yet when I encounter this guy), is that he needs to shop at ‘High & Mighty’ or some such equivalent. Not because he is fat, but because he is well over 6 ft tall and wears pants that really are much too short for him. It kind of also reminds me of my sister, who at 14 has the waist of a 10-year old and the height of a 14-year old, and hence struggles to find jeans that fit properly and don’t look super-daggy (though that store that caters for super-skinny girls and doesn’t serve “normal”-sized women is quite handy for her). Properly fitting pants really are essential. Does that make me sound like a snob?


~ by pincushiondiary on January 14, 2005.

One Response to “High & Mighty”

  1. No, not a snob.
    The too short pants are definitely as bad as the too high pants.
    And both are a definite faux pas.

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