Tra-la-la-la …

Oh, dear. Its Friday and nobody else is here. That just means that I’m more likely to slack off … The painter just refered to me as being “in charge”. Huh? Sorry? Nah, I just sit here and pretend to know what is going on. If you want to paint that room, then paint that room. (Actually, I do know that he is to paint that room, but I really just don’t care when he starts to do it. If he wants to start today instead of Monday, all the better!)

Still haven’t written about my Christmas and New Year adventures. Me thinks it ain’t gunna happen … I just can’t seem to find the brain space to go back there. Not because it was traumatic or anything (not at all), but just because I’m moving forward, not backward … Let’s see if I can do a quick recount and return to last week …

Thursday 23/12 – Drove back to Warrnambool after finishing work. Went via the Western Hwy and around Ballarat, through Lismore and Mortlake. Was route suggested by colleague, who lives in Garvoc, as better way when leaving from LTU. Not convinced that I like it. Am more familiar with using Hamilton Hwy out of Geelong and going through tiny places like Cressy and Foxhow and Chocolyn.
Friday 24/12 – Slept in. Ahhh … bliss. Told my Mum the night before not to wait for me to go to the shops to get the vegies for Christmas dinner. Later in the morning, we did go back into the chaos of the shops to get a last minute present for two cousins, but it wasn’t too bad. Didn’t bump into anyone that I went to school with or anything. We went to Church for the Christmas Eve family service (which means that they put on a play and all the kids get to dress up as angels and sheep) and I was disappointed by the woeful renditions of Christmas carols. Went home to sing along to the telecast of Melbourne’s Christmas carols, and stayed up long enough to listen to Anthony Callea’s version of The Prayer.
Saturday 25/12 – Got up at 8:30 am, the time agreed upon by all to ensure that my sister didn’t have us up at the crack of dawn to open presents. Had our usual, relaxed session of opening presents, before having breakfast and getting showered. Got some nice presents. Went to visit our old neighbour to continue the tradition of spending Christmas morning at her house. Had my first drink of the day at 11:00 am, and she kept trying to fill us with more champagne as the morning progressed. We had a very small lunch with just me, Mum, T and C. Lazed around in the afternoon. I think we might have played a board game or played the N64? Went to visit my Grandma later in the afternoon, before coming home to help Mum with the preparations for dinner. My brother and his fiance and my uncle, aunt and cousin all came for dinner. The night ended with some of us playing a couple of board games, and some others of us sitting down in front of the TV to watch DVDs of tragic, old TV shows.

That’s enough for now … must go do some work … for the record, this post has been interrupted by a couple of phone calls, so I have been kind of working. Bugger … my tea has gone cold!


~ by pincushiondiary on January 7, 2005.

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