Resolution Ponderings

I didn’t really make any articulated new year’s resolutions this year …
When people have asked me what I wish for in 2005, I have mostly replied, “The same as 2004, and a little bit better would be nice!” because I had a pretty great year last year. I got to the end of 2004 feeling the best (most positive and confident and financial and at peace) that I have for as long as I can remember, probably ever. I don’t want to repeat changing jobs, or moving house, or having expensive dental bills … but for the most part, I really don’t want anything to be significantly different about my life in 2005 (though a nice, buff man in my life would not go unappreciated!). Some things in life will certainly be different though: one of my housemates is moving out and a new housemate is moving in; my best friend, her hubby and my Godson are moving to Victoria from Tasmania; I will become another year older; my Mum and Step-Dad will both turn 50; my driver’s license and passport will both come another year closer to expiration … Can’t think of anything else significant at the moment … I just started on this babble because I am sitting here, on my second working day of 2005, having just been told by my admin colleague to quietly do the invitations for my Mum’s 50th party during the day and not necessarily on my lunch break, and noticed the Leunig cartoon for January in front of my eyes (those of you who got the free calendar in The Age sometime in December will know the cartoon that I speak of) …

Mr. Curly’s New Year Resolutions
1) I shall think more about ducks.
2) I shall whistle more and do more of my bird calls.
3) I shall have more afternoon naps.
4) Umm … that’s about all I can think of at the moment.
5) Oh yes … I’ve just remembered; I will finish composing my mandolin concerto called, “The Duck Concerto”.
6) … and maybe something about butterflies.

Maybe I’ll get back to you with my own New Year Resolutions, in the same vein as those of Mr. Curly …


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  1. I got that calendar too. Actually, I wonder where I put it. I seem to have an abundance of calendars this year for no particular reason. I’m going to run out of places to put them all up.

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