Happy New Year!

I’m back.


I just almost poured the freshly boiled water into the cup, bypassing the coffee-filled plunger and thereby starting my morning with an hot, steaming cup of one diluted half teaspoon of sugar … Fortunately, my brain kicked in at just the right time, and the possible annoyance of that was avoided. *sip*


Am back at work, sitting at a pristine desk (have not yet touched anything in vicinity of pigeonhole or “in” tray) and really. can’t. be. bothered.
Would love to continue doing absolutely nothing at home. For now, will just do absolutely nothing at work. The odds on me getting a significant amount of work done today are not looking favourable … Maybe will spend the day filing. It desparately needs to be done, and doesn’t require much in the way of brain cells.

I have a whole 12 days to catch up on here on my blog … I’m not going to do it all now. I may not ever do it. It depends on what exciting things happen in the first full week of 2005 to distract me or give me other stories … Tomorrow, my Godson and his Mum move to Victoria. His Dad arrived on the boat from Tasmania last night. I’m sure that after Xavier arrives, my blog will be made up of more stories about what super-cute things he does to entertain his Aunty Trish. I apologise in advance for that!

I will try to find the time to tell you all about my Christmas and New Year’s and the days in between sometime very soon. My brother had made mumblings about attaching an old modem to my folks’ computer while I was in Warrnambool for a week, but it never happened. My housemate’s computer started playing the fun game where the screen goes blank every minute or so on Saturday afternoon, so I gave up on the plan to blog then pretty quickly too … Sad that the money I was going to use to buy a new ‘puter all of my very own (my old study dinosaur computer is in pieces in a corner of my bedroom and will only be turned on to pull some information off it when the new computer is a reality) has gone towards private school tuition for my dentist’s kid’s.


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