Numb Nosed Nuff-Nuff!

That’s what I currently have … A numb nose!
I’ve just returned home from the second of three trips to my dentist to get my 6 cavities filled (see last week’s posts for more detail). My nose, nostrils, top lip, eye socket (?!), upper front gums and my front teeth are all currently numb. I can still manage to talk reasonably well, and am not dribbling profusely, not even a bit. And I now have two front teeth that are shiny, filled, and cavity-free. This morning I could have been singing, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth … to be filled!” Cheesy, I know, but the words really only just popped into my head … I haven’t been planning these comments all day or humming that song all day. Although, now we will all be humming it for a few hours at least …
Last visit, my dentist lamented the fact that he rarely gets to use his $25,000 whiz-bang camera-video equipment, and so today took the opportunity to show me a picture of what the decay behind my two front teeth looked like. We had before and after shots! It was like my own mini version of “Extreme Makeovers”, though it wasn’t really all that extreme, and the only thing makeover about it was that he evened out the bottom of one tooth which had a tiny little chip in it (don’t remember how or when I got it either). Now I feel like a new woman … well, at least until the anaesthetic wears off and I feel like a grumpy woman with two very tender front teeth! Had one tooth been left for much longer, to my distress and dismay, the words ‘ROOT CANAL’ would have most likely been uttered. Fortunately, I was spot-on with my timing of my dental check-up. I urge you … FLOSS REGULARLY! It will save you a whole load of money in the long run.

Initial Consultation and two x-rays: $105.00.
Rebate from Medibank private: $41.60.
3 surface adhesive posterior tooth restoration: $330.00.
Rebate from Medibank Private: as yet unknown.
2 surface adhesive anterior tooth restoration: $300.00.
Rebate from Medibank Private: as yet unknown.

Sub total: you do the math … *Sob*


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4 Responses to “Numb Nosed Nuff-Nuff!”

  1. Wow! That’s an expensive visit, or three. I guess in the long run, you’ll look a million bucks and won’t be able to stop smiling and showing off your ‘new’ pearly whites. You’ll look fabbo just in time for Chrissy!

  2. Ooohh… My dentist works in conjunction with my health insurance and charges an arm and a leg (and would have my ovaries too I reckon) but all I ever pay is $30 after Hicaps. Better than the $570 originally quoted for the scraping I got done last time without the insurance (this is why I am not a public patient). I still gotta get my decaying wisdom tooth out. Loads of fun. *whimper*

  3. As great as this dentist is (I’m happy to be paying more when I feel no pain at all) he does not have the Hicaps facilities for payment. I’m not about to pay a visit to any Medibank Private offices this week, as they are all inconveniently located in shopping centres that are swarming with disorganised Christmas shoppers, so I have posted off my two receipts today and await my refund cheque.
    As for flashing my pearly whites, I have been very vain today, checking out my smile in the mirrors and oohing and aahing at the chip that is now no longer there! Nobody else ever noticed it, but I always knew it was there … As for the other fillings, they’re at the sides, and not visible.

  4. The Medibank Private rebate amount is still unknown … Bugger, I wish they’d hurry up and send me that cheque! (Still, I would not have had time even still to go into an office and get a cash refund before the end of the year …)

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