18 December 2004

It was remiss of me to wish my sister happy birthday on Friday and not wish my brother a happy birthday on Saturday. If either of them is more likely to actually read my blog, it is my brother, Luke … although I highly doubt it that he does read or even know about it!

On Saturday, my little brother, with whom I enjoyed such things as watching cartoons before and after school, and on weekends; playing with Masters of the Universe, Matchbox cars, Transformers and, best of all, Lego; and, walking to the corner shop with our dog, Nosey, each with an empty glass coke bottle under our arms to cash in for 20c worth of mixed lollies … all when we weren’t fighting or annoying each other … Well, my little brother turned 22 years old on Saturday. I was so busy cooling-off in the pool for the entirety of the afternoon that I forgot to phone him or send him a birthday message via SMS. I instead sent a message to him on Sunday telling him just that, and that he’ll find his memory going as he gets older …

Birthday and Christmas presents are now all wrapped, all but the pliers that I am still to buy as part of the earring making kit that I have put together for Mum, and all Christmas cards have been written and only a few are waiting to be posted today (I need to check addresses and buy 4 more stamps). Have now received 5 Christmas cards, with the friends finally overtaking the family in my pointless tally: 2 from family, 3 from friends. I still need to give everyone (my friends) a bit of encouragement in revisiting the traditions of old and learning to send cards via snail-mail though …

Have resisted the temptation to open the present that is under the tree for me, as am under strict instructions from B to not open it until closer to Christmas. Am also under watchful eyes of housemates who are making sure that I don’t give in to the temptation … I almost did yesterday, as I was feeling tired and moody and lonely (just hormone enduced), but was very proud (?) that I did not give in. Will open it on Wednesday night, as am now on track to drive back to Warrnambool from work on Thursday evening after having wrapped all presents. I suppose I could take it with me and open it on Christmas day? … Nah! Will open it on Wednesday night! (Rationale being that it is of a medium size, and would only go to Warrnambool to be opened and then come back to Melbourne.)


~ by pincushiondiary on December 20, 2004.

4 Responses to “18 December 2004”

  1. I thought for a minute that your brother was much younger and you still played Masters of the Universe with him. I was thinking he was a pretty retro-cool kid. And I was wondering how many mixed lollies you’d get for 20c. I guess I should have caught on by then.

  2. Ahh, pay attention to my tenses, “… with whom I enjoyED such things as …”
    Truth be told, I think we’d both like to shrug off the responsibilities of adult life and sit down with our old Lego and Masters of the Universe more often! More fun than working to pay the bills …

  3. I think I noticed the tense. I probably just thought you meant last weekend or something. I guess a lot of blogs are written in past tense anyway.

    Or perhaps I wasn’t concentrating 🙂

  4. That’s okay, there’s no exam to sit for reading this blog. (Oohh, a blog reader exam … now there’s an idea!)

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