It was almost too tempting at JB Hi-Fi last night to forget about buying presents for family and instead buy the Buffy and Angel DVD boxed-sets that were on sale for $20.85 (normally lots more than that) … Had to summon up a lot of will power not to buy them, as they are something that I have wanted for myself for a long time. Each box is only half a season, so to get the full set for Buffy, for example, would be $250.20 for the first 6 seasons, and then a bit of a wait until season #7 drops down from around $80.00 to the special price too. I figure/hope that they will be on sale for that price sometime again, maybe next Christmas, and I will squirrel away some money so that I can have them. A few people I know have the Buffy sets, so maybe I’ll just get the Angel sets and borrow the Buffy sets from friends from time to time … Hopefully, this time next year I won’t have to deal with $1,000 in dental bills, and will be able to happily splurge on such a treat for myself!

In other news …
My first visit to the dentist to have some cavities filled was relatively pain-free, and only a mild bit of aching occurred after the anaesthetic wore off. Teeth are still a bit sensitive to hot and cold, so no scalding coffee or icy water for me at the moment!
One of my bosses has gone on holiday from today until mid-January, and that just makes it all the more quiet in the corridors of the History Program. I did forget the gift that he gave me in my present tally yesterday though – a set of photocards made by his sister’s/sister-in-law’s/cousin’s (cant remember) company. Very nice. Very useful. Some too nice to give away.
Saw a man driving along in traffic today wearing a Santa hat … Ho, ho, ho!


~ by pincushiondiary on December 15, 2004.

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