Christmas Tally

Number of Christmas cards received: 4. 2 from friends, 2 from family.
Number of Christmas cards sent: 3. 1 to friend in UK, 2 to family. Need to sit down and have big card-writing session and not worry that I might write the same thing in everyone’s cards … the sentiment is honest for each of them.
Number of Christmas presents recieved: 4!! 3 opened, 1 still under the tree. Have so far recieved some earrings (worn yesterday) and a dip & biscuit serving platter, a Christmas tree candle, and a pack of yummy gourmet passionfruit flavoured lollies. Nice. Feel nicely loved so far this festive season!
Number of Christmas presents given: 2. Lego was a winner with small child! 1 other is sitting under the tree waiting to be given to same person who birthday present is sitting under the tree for … her birthday was at the start of November. I’ve had it since then.
Number of Christmas presents purchased: most of them …

Am off to buy Star Wars DVD boxed set for my step-Dad … then will go home and assess piles of shopping bags that have been appearing in my room over the past week or two and sort out who I’ve missed.


~ by pincushiondiary on December 14, 2004.

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