pharmacological connections

When one goes to the pharmacy to collect one’s medication, one does not expect to really have the pharmacist take much notice of said prescription … except for when you are like me and you quite quickly end up on a first-name basis with the pharmacist because you require a drug monthly that has a cost price of $1300. I don’t pay $1300 (phew, thanks to our country’s health care provisions, which, regardless of your political views, are way better than most other places as far as I can see), and neither does the pharmacist in the end. Yesterday, I wandered into the pharmacy here and asked the pharmacist to order in my medication. Today, as I was collecting it, and after the other customer who was being served had walked away, the assitant whispered “How are you going with it? I’m on it too … I’ve never met anyone else who takes this!” It was quite an odd, albeit brief, interaction. Kind of like an instant connection and comradeship.


~ by pincushiondiary on December 9, 2004.

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