Many possible names for this post:

“Unwanted passengers”.
“Spooky hitch-hikers”.
“When do you know it is time to clean your car?”
“Where did that little spider come from?” and, “Where did that second little spider come from?”

Oh, there’s another … and another… Where did you all you little spiders come from?

… aha! … Hello Mummy spider! They’re not just little spiders, they’re baby spiders. Baby huntsmans.

Say goodbye Mummy huntsman; you’re going for a ride up the vacuum cleaner hose!

Man, I hope I sucked her up good and proper!

On the up side, I only fished out 3 bottles of water and one can of deodorant from under the seats.

Man, I hope I sucked her up good and proper! Really.


~ by pincushiondiary on December 3, 2004.

6 Responses to “Eeeek!”

  1. Huntsmans? Or huntsmen?

  2. *L* Daniel – big-assed spiders in any term.

    Ewww.. and I thought the ants problem in my car (I mean, ANTS, in my CAR?!) was creepy enough.

  3. Whenever *I* have a spider in my car, *I* simply scoop him up and drop him off at the next Traffic Island.
    When it is a poisonous spider like a Red Back, or White Tail, I use a Takeaway Chip Box to scoop him up, rather than my hand.

    Never had a problem with ant’s though, I guess the spiders deal with them…

  4. I did what a few people suggested: sprayed my car full of bug spray and left it overnight. Those spider egg sacks have lots of babies in them, you know! I would have liked to be more humane, but it just wasn’t possible. Glad I don’t have red-backs or white-tails in my car though!

  5. White-tails. Nasty little buggers they are.

  6. “White-tails. Nasty little buggers they are.”

    Not as nasty as you might think:

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