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Not so much to say tonight, but have a moment and the laptop is on … really should be going to sleep, as last night I went to bed waaaay too late for a ‘school night’ and my body will surely fall apart soon because I have been going to bed tomorrow (ie. after midnight) far too often of late … I still need close to 8 hours sleep a night to not feel tired in the morning … just doesn’t happen. One day, I will learn how to stop time so that I can do everything I want to do in a day and still make sure that I get enough sleep.

I was late into bed last night because I paid a visit to a group of friends that I used to spend time with in my uni days (when going to bed after midnight didn’t really matter as an arts student, because I didn’t have any scheduled classes at all the next day, and because ‘full-time arts student’ was only 15 contact hours a week …) because two of the group are moving to Sri Lanka on Monday and they invited all old members of the community back to farewell them on their last dinner with the group for a few years. Nostalgic. Nice. Bumped into my ex-boyfriend’s housemate and resisted the urge to ask about what he’s up to now. In all honesty, I don’t care, but one can fall into the trap of just asking for the sake of asking in those kind of situations sometimes …

Spoke to three of my favourite girls/ladies tonight: my best bud, Belinda (mother of my little man, Xavier); my little sis; and, my Mum. Night well spent attached to the phone. Was delighted to have decent and mostly grown-up conversation with my 13 year old sister for 20 minutes, as up until the last two times I have spoken to her on the phone, it has been a battle to make conversation. I think it is a sure sign of her growing up that she is happy to talk on the phone now. She’s a teenage girl for sure now!

Ooh! Am super-proud of myself because I did something today that I have been putting off for about 4 years … made an appointment with a dentist. Spent over an hour trying to track down the last dentist that I went to in Warrnambool, who moved to Melbourne and was last seen in Footscray, only to finally end up calling a dentist recommended by a colleague as being not too scary. I’d really liked Dr Vo. He was worth trying to track down. After all, I did let him rip my wisdom teeth out in the chair under a local anaesthetic! Alas, he was not to be found, and hopefully this recommended dentist is as nice as I am told that he is. Appointment is next Tuesday afternoon. Will let you all know how it goes. I’m betting on needing two fillings.

Nighty-night … zzzzzz


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  1. Only two after four years of non-dentist-visiting goodness? You must be one of those people with no teeth problems at all. I’m jealous.

  2. I think I’m just trying to be optimistic! Though, there was one time that I thought I would need fillings and the dentist just sent me away with a free toothbrush … but I think I was about 15 at the time.

  3. Think about it – do you really need the fillings? I successfully avoided the dentist for 23 years, alas I did not have perfect teeth, rather it was because of the sheer terror of it. Anyway, the point of my rambling is this – when I finally went – I had to have my four wisdom teeth out – a pain that makes childbirth seem like a mild discomfort – and now I have to keep on going back always something wrong to be found – hmmm – maybe a lesson for me? Yes! I should never have gone back!!

  4. 6. I need 6! And one potential one that needs to be cared for properly and checked in 6 months. 3 visits in the next two weeks, and close to $1,000 later, I’ll be cavity free. I’ll be flossing more regularly in future … And need to try to kick my sweet-tooth habits.

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