Get out of the building!

Just survived my first evacuation drill as floor warden. Practiced banging my fist very loudly on the doors of our aging academics. Fortunately, many of them were not in their offices, and I did not have to escort any frail old men out of the building. Fingers crossed that I never have to! It has interupted my day, but I feel a bit better now having actually had a run-through of what should happen in a real emergency (I had previously been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my new role). And the red hard-hat is just, oh, so stylish!
Note to self: next time remember to check in the toilets (although the alarm is right outside the door and anyone inside the loos would have to be deaf not to hear it … but maybe they might be?) and follow up with the OH&S people about the signs to stop people re-entering the building once the floors have been cleared.


~ by pincushiondiary on November 30, 2004.

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