Can you tell I’ve been/I am busy?

Silence for nearly a whole week, and I haven’t been on holidays! Bummer. Work is super-duper busy at the moment, and this is going to be a quick post …

I just had to reflect on my desperate misuse of a standard issue LTU letter opener … I don’t think the logo-emblazoned end is meant to be used to stir one’s coffee when one can’t be bothered walking to the tea room to get a spoon and when after one sip one has decided that the beverage cannot be consumed unstirred (not quite right for the majority of the cup, and then way too sweet right at the end). Even though I am on the verge of being a drinker of straight black coffee (black with an eighth of a teaspoon, please … as black as midnight on a moonless night) I grabbed the nearest suitable implement to stir my coffee with. I did wipe it before returning it to the pencil cup on my desk …


~ by pincushiondiary on November 26, 2004.

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