By the side of the road …

I sometimes think I could devote a whole section of my blog to the odd things that I see on the side of the road …

For example, take what I saw on Friday night … I was driving along Grange Road in Fairfield and noticed a football-sized easter egg in red tin foil and an AFL giftbox sitting under a tree. The next day, I noticed the same egg, in the same box, in more of a melted state. Did the people who put it there seriously think that someone would take away the out-of-date (one can only assume) AFL easter egg left on their nature strip?

The other odd thing that I have seen recently on the side of the road, was a strange person (man) wearing a horror mask and waving a small sign as I drove home from work. The public response to his efforts would have been better had he used a thicker texta or bigger piece of paper, as it was only immediately after I had passed him that I realised that the sign he was holding said “HONK IF I’M HOT!” It was too late for me to honk. Not sure if he was hot, what with the mask and all (from memory he had shorts and knee-high socks on too) but I would have honked anyway! I wonder if he won the bet? One can only assume that his actions were motivated by a bet or dare …

~ by pincushiondiary on November 22, 2004.

2 Responses to “By the side of the road …”

  1. You didn’t do a U-turn and go back so you could honk?!

  2. The urge to get home and put my feet up after work was stronger than that to honk my horn at a weirdo wearing a mask and waving a sign! 😀

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